What is Roll20 By Night?

What is Roll20 By Night?

Roll 20 By Night is an evolving community of gamers dedicated to the goal of establishing a large scale World of Darkness online community, with multiple interacting games. Our current game setting is Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 2016, utilizing the 20th Anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade. We anticipate hosting numerous smaller games which are each run by one or more Storytellers. These games will be linked on multiple levels, providing opportunities for player characters to interact and influence their respective stories.

We are currently in the beginning stages, and are committed to continuously refining our experience. Crowdsourcing player opinions and ideas is the cornerstone of our self-analysis and constant improvement.

Which World of Darkness games are currently included?

At present, only Vampire the Masquerade (V20). Our goal is to eventually include all of the game lines from the Classic World of Darkness in one shared setting. We also offer opportunities for oneshot games of any type, regardless of setting and ruleset.

What are the different gameplay elements?

Roll20 By Night will provide gameplay on multiple platforms for players to utilize. Our primary form of gameplay is VOIP with text-based rolling. In addition to this, we utilize a Discord server to provide opportunities for text play 24/7. We look forward to identifying and incorporating additional elements, including forum roleplay. In addition to a wiki, we hope to provide a portal for official clan and sect resources, ie: Schrecknet, Bloodspot, Fangbook, Solomon’s Haven, etc. These resources will be available to players 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are susceptible to in-game plot and player-driven roleplay (like player initiated hacking attempts). We encourage players to form cliques and coteries, with their own means of communication and services to offer other players.

When are the games?

As we recruit more storytellers there will be more types of games and times available.

Boston Camarilla : Every Thursday 11:00 AM Eastern
Storyteller: PathofHate

Boston Anarch/Independent/Non-Aligned : Every Monday 5:00 PM (17:00) Eastern
Storyteller: RidiculousBadger

Crossover Program : Every Saturday 8 PM (20:00) Eastern
(Covering RP between Camarilla and Anarch game)
Storyteller: RidiculousBadger

How can I get involved?

We are seeking mature players who are interested in helping develop this project. You should be the type of player who prioritizes roleplaying and shared storytelling over “power gaming”. Please understand that this is an evolving experience. Sometimes the experience will be less than polished. Consider yourself part-player, part developer. We need to test the boundaries in order to improve, and we need your input in order to refine the project.

In order to keep the atmosphere a safe and enjoyable one for all players, adherence to our code of conduct
will be required, but essentially this means treating everyone with respect.

How do I apply/make a character?

1. Check out our setting guide
2. Fill out a jotform submission
3. Reach out to RidiculousBadger (via Skype:RidiculousBadger)
4. Submit a pdf character sheet to the correct ST
5. For general questions, reach out to RidiculousBadger (via Skype:RidiculousBadger)

Please Note : Our goal is for everyone who wishes to be able to play. We have limited space and need to place players on a waiting list.

Do you need Storytellers?

Yes! We are seeking storytellers to either run games or assist other STs. Please contact RidiculousBadger (via Skype:RidiculousBadger).

Do you need other help?

Yes! We can always use help with tech support, new player orientation, rules / system development etc. Please contact RidiculousBadger (via Skype:RidiculousBadger).

What is Roll20 By Night?

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