Tag: Sabbat


  • Marisol Diaz

    Marisol was expendable. She was part of a mass embrace and destined to die as cannon fodder, except she didn't. Turns out she's a scrapper and won't go quietly into final death. If she keeps it up, she'll be True Sabbat before long.

  • Wolfgang Vendel

    Wolfgang is a City Gangrel who doesn't like to venture into the wilderness. He's never had a job or had to work very hard for anything, but he's good with computers and his sire had a need for someone with his skills. He's as lazy after the embrace as he …

  • Caliban

    Caliban is sniveling and petty, more beast than man. He's got an encyclopedic knowledge of Sabbat rituals and the occult. Before his embrace he was a brainwashed cultist and he serves the sect with the same blind zeal.