Whitley 'Dumpster Chicken" Jameson


AKA “Dumpster Chicken”
AKA “Rudolph the Snot-Nosed Reindeer”
AKA “Professor Ruth Gillespie”
Status: Neonate
Apparent Age: 24
Occupation: Cyber terrorist, troll
Number of times has brute-forced Yahoo!: What, are people still hacking Yahoo? That’s soooo…. last decade.


Jameson doesn’t like to talk about his life.
You wouldn’t blame him, to be sure. Coming from a broken home in New Orleans, he grew up as the unpopular kid in school.
Too interested in computers to hang out with the popular crowd, too proud and insecure to find a home with the nerdy crowd.
Unbeknownst to his peers, Whitley had begun to fill his free hours with minor hacking stunts on the internet (although his skill and the damage he caused would increase exponentially).
After trying to drop out of school several times, Jameson became a ward of the state. He finally gained his GED at the late age of 19 due to his insouciance.
With his new-found freedom, Whitley began drifting from place to place, becoming intransient.
Attempting to fill a gaping void within himself, the hapless youngster fell into drug use, which he took to like gangbusters.
And with that, Whitley Jameson continued on his downward spiral towards nihilism, and his life took a darker turn.
What transpired next was a pitiable life as a grifter, drifter, and vagrant, putting to work his quick wit, acid tongue, and internet vandalism.
It was the latter that served him best, bankrolling his travels down the slippery slope of his increasingly lonely life.

Eventually, the inevitable happened. “Dumpster Chicken” ripped off the wrong man, a powerful man: Gustaf Werner, a wealthy Toreador art-dealer in Chicago.
Luckily (or unluckily), his mark admired the young Jameson for his ingenuity and brazenness, and decided to embrace him.
Already on a downward spiral of self-loathing, unlife did not particularly make sense or suit the young fledgling.
Whitley chafed at the bit immediately, and before being released, made good his escape.
After an interval, he settled in Boston, and after meeting Bea Clarke, set down some rudimentary roots, finding in her a kindred spirit.
Were it not for Clarke, Jameson would never have attached himself to a movement larger than himself, and were you to ask Jameson his allegiance, chances are he would retort with a snide response about being loyal only to himself.
However, the truth remains that he has aided many Anarch causes in Boston, and he remains their foremost hacker and technology expert.
He is the goto guy for all things internet-related, helping kindred to become acquainted with Fangbook and Bloodspot, the two popular discipline-related internet safeguards.
He is difficult and anti-social, but easy enough to enlist, should a project’s aims be congruous with his (and he can humiliate a stuck-up elder in the process).

Propelled onwards by equal parts momentum, hatred of being told how to comport himself, and base lusts, these modern nights, Whitley Jameson can generally be found in the midst of one of two past-times: shut in his apartment, bathing in the glowing light of one of his many computer screens, or at some too-loud party foisting an exotic cocktail of drugs and alcohol upon kine, thereupon to feed from them, and finally… feel something again.

Whitley 'Dumpster Chicken" Jameson

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