Seymour Delancey


Status: Neonate
Occupation: Whip to the Brujah Primogen
Apparent Age: 26


Seymour has ever had the penchant for getting into trouble, be it during recess during elementary school, spring break during university, a street brawl during a blood hunt… or a rant during Elysium. So much so, it seems the only way for reining in his obtuse behavior was appointment to the punitive position of Whip to Simon Tanner, the Brujah Primogen.

Mr. Delancey has a long history of getting hauled home to Tanner by Sheriff McMillan, and the two were known to hate each other fiercely.

Recently, evidence of his loyalty to the Anarch Free State have been brought to light. Accused of diablerizing the Sheriff, Hector McMillan under orders of Jeremy MacNeil himself, he was executed in grisly fashion by George Oscar during Elysium. Justice has been served.

Seymour Delancey

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