Sebastian "Bass" Thompson


Status: Neonate
Position: Reeve AKA “Law” AKA “Lawman”
Apparent Age: 48


“Bass” Thompson met Josef Marder in Philadelphia, since their border skirmishes and eventual escape from the area’s Sabbat.
In life, he was the vice president of his biker gang operating out of Detroit.
While firmly a neonate, his aging human appearance and confident manner of speech engender deference and respect from even older kindred.
Tonight, he operates as the Reeve in Marder’s territory, in charge of security and defense of the local Barony’s turf.
It is an important, demanding job, to hear him tell of it.
Bass will also tell you exactly how you can help out, because it’s your scrawny neck he’s protectin’, anyhow.

Sebastian "Bass" Thompson

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