Rosalie Webber


Status: Neonate
Position: Sweeper
Apparent age: 28


If you head into one of the areas Marder and his crew claim as their domain, the first kindred of note you are likely to run into is Rosalie Webber.
Dark hair, watchful eyes, with her lips twisted in a smirk. As the Sweeper, she is tasked with reporting arrivals and news to “The Old Man.”
If you see her watching you, chances are that Boston’s rough-and-tumble Anarch crew will soon know what you’re up to.
In most areas, the Sweeper is an odious position, however due to her lineage, Webber didn’t have a lot of allies in Boston when Marder rode into town.
Calculating, she saw a chance to ingratiate herself with a new power player, and seized it.

No one quite remembers when Rosalie came into town, or what she did before she was the local Sweeper, and for those reasons and more, her very existence sets the city’s traditionalists ill at ease.
For one thing, she is a Lasombra, and while the clan acquitted itself well on behalf of the Anarchs well before the creation of the Sabbat, she cannot help but remain under suspicion due to her clan’s staunch support of that vilified sect.
In addition, Marder’s ready acceptance of her speaks volumes about the new regime to the local disenfranchised kindred.

Rosalie Webber

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