Rolf Kenfield


Status: Neonate
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Gym owner


A gregarious man of good standing within the mortal community, mainly due to the success of his gym and personal trainer business.
Embraced ten years ago, he has attained fairy-tale among monsters, still running the same business as prior to his embrace, barely skipping a beat.
He openly admits to having a family, but is guarded about particulars.
In the past, the local Camarilla polity has attempted to bring his “wayward behavior” (constituting an eventual Masquerade breach at best) to heel.
However, as the more progressive-thinking kindred have asserted, even though the circumstances of his elevation to neonate are unknown, he is surely no mere fledgling.
Not to mention Rolf is a model kindred otherwise, and no has committed not even a single minor offense.
In the past, this issue has been something of a fly in the political soup that is Boston, but in current nights, most are content to let the matter rest. That doesn’t mean he is accepted as an equal, but in general, for Rolf, it’s enough to be left alone.

Kenfield is a world-class martial artist and weapons-specialist, and offers clandestine training in combat techniques, natural and otherwise.
His services are contracted by local corporations and clans, affording him social acceptance in the upper echelons of local kindred society… after a fashion.
So long as the puppet does as he is told, he can put on his silly little kine show.

Rolf Kenfield

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