Michael Langstrom


Status: Neonate
Occupation: Mechanic
Apparent Age: ???
Outstanding physical features: No lips or left ear. Disgusting.


Growing up in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, all Michael wanted was to get away. Away from the crime, away from the guns, away from the drugs, away from all of it.
Despite personal safety, Langstrom staunchly did not join a gang.
Dropping out of school, he immersed himself in his love: auto-repair, apprenticing himself to a local mechanic.
Once educated, Langstrom quickly showed himself to be a genius auto-mechanic, showing himself to be something of a car-whisperer, able to fix even the most confusing and convoluted of mechanical issues.
However, the local chapter of one of the prevalent gangs did not take well to young Langstrom evading their fraternity, and decided to make an example of him, setting his employer’s place of business on fire.
Unbeknownst to them, Michael was still in the building, burning the midnight oil. Barely escaping, Langstrom was ruined by the inferno, rendering him unsightly.
Already on the radar by several kindred for possible ghoulification or embrace due to his in-demand skills, a local Camarilla Nosferatu swooped in, taking the opportunity that very night to acquire him as a resource.

Langstrom’s sire, Luna “Fideo” Cartwright, was overbearing, treating her fledgling like a nascent resource, subjecting him to a variety of mindgames and spiriting him away to her lair deep within the San Francisco sewer system.
After several years, Cartwright offered Langstrom his freedom, but there was a catch: he must travel to New York City with a coterie of similarly well-skilled kindred in order to bolster the community against the growing Sabbat threat.
Taking her up on the offer (anything to get away from her), he began toiling under his new east coast masters in Harlem.
Though his location had changed drastically, the scenery was the same: rampant drug abuse, gang warfare, institutional discrimination, and overbearing masters.
Langstrom counted the days until he could escape.

In the end, his salvation came at the hands of the same type of street warfare that had damned him in life, but this time it was not gangs of humans fighting over drugs and turf, it was gangs of kindred fighting over blood and turf.
The Sabbat moved into New York City with a vengeance, occupying everyone with their violence. Michael seized the opportunity and bolted.
Not having much money, his only real option was to head north, eventually ending up in Boston. Once there, he did what he knew: fixed cars.
Wary of authority due to his past experience, he never quite fell in with the main crowd of Nosferatu in Boston.
His penchant for living a little to close to kine has been overlooked, given his ability.
Should lines in the sand appear… should sides be chosen… Michael Langstrom will likely find himself caught between a sect that believes his services their rightful resource and a sect that argues for his freedom (however, freedom always comes with a price).

Michael Langstrom

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