Mark "Bull Goose" Chambers


Status: Ancilla
Position: None… technically
Apparent Age: 36


Mark Chambers has been with Marder for a while. A long while.
Everyone else who came with Marder to Boston remembers Mark has been with the crew longer than they have.
It is understood by all that Chambers is the Baron’s deputy and second in command, but he has never been formally appointed.
No one can quite put their finger on it, but everyone agrees Chambers is an odd duck, and a suspected Malkavian, although there is no concrete proof to support the belief.
He is not social, eschewing the company of others, but is often found in Marder’s company (or in his stead).
A keen, operator, Chambers knows when to be subtle and when to flex his muscle. “Goose” can be quite charismatic, should the need require, and many of Marder’s flock would be misty-eyed in describing one of his war-speeches of old.

Mark "Bull Goose" Chambers

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