Kana Osaki


Character Name: Kana Osaki
Nature: Trickster
Clan: Gangrel
Player Name: James The Squirrel
Demeanor: Child
Sect: Non-Aligned
Concept: Ghoul Song bird and song writer
Sire: Tabitha Autumn Brightmoon
Age: 22
Apparent Age: 18
When was your character embraced?: tonight
Height: 155 CM
Weight: 47 KG
Hair: Orange
Eyes : purple
Skin: pale white not unnatural pale
Race: Asian [Japanese]
Nationality: USA
Gender: Female
Native Language: Japanese
Mother: Rise Osaki
Father: Mifune Osaki
Siblings: NONE


BackStory: she was born in the USA but moved to Japan when she was three and grow up there making a few friends and learning how to sing in both English and Japanese after a few years [age 13]. she and her family moved back to the USA and she started going to a preforming arts university in Boston where she meet her three main friends and other friend but she also meet someone who would change her life forever Tabitha Autumn Brightmoon [age 18]. Tabitha took a liking to what she called “her little song bird” and made her into a ghoul and blood bounded her. Kana’s main job was watching over Tabitha as she slept and going to get her things as the sun was up but once it went down they were like mother and child caring for each other and giving comfort on the cold nights.

Known Friends: she has a few friends other then her band mates they are.
Josh Harmon: besties boy friend [Paige] [Drummer]
Paige Moore: the best of bestie [Bass player]
Mya Brooks: her punk friend [Lead Guitar]

Distinguishing characteristics: is a bespectacled girl with long bright orange hair and purple eyes. She wears large black circular glasses, and she is always seen wearing big headphones. She seems to be very short, even compared to other girls

Kana Osaki

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