Josef "The Old Man" Marder


Growing up in the hinterlands of Germany’s Black Forest, Marder became a mercenary as a means of feeding his wife and two daughters.
His elite Jager company was contracted by the British Crown during the American War of Independence, and he was shipped overseas, where his countrymen formed a quarter of the Crown’s fighting force.
Marder participated in the Battle of Brooklyn, and his company suffered heavy losses. Josef perceived that the Crown was using his ilk as cannon fodder, and following an offer of land, defected. He continued to fight, now on the side of the Colonials, and eventually remarried (not able to bring himself to write home and tell his family of his treachery).
After the war, he made a successful living as a farmer, but eventually became embroiled in the wars and tribulations of the emergent American nation.

Eventually, while away on campaign, a native tribe raided his estate, burning it to the ground, slaughtering his livestock, and kidnapping his family.
Enraged, Marder made pursuit, however just before ambushing the offenders, a Gangrel mocked him, asking him what use he alone could be against so many.
Josef explained that he was a career soldier, an elite, a Jager, and of old blood. The supernatural interloper laughed at him, but admiring his spirit, embraced Marder, promising him vengeance. As his eyes closed and consciousness slipped away due to blood loss, Marder watched the native tribe escape with his family.
He spent decades with his sire in the wilderness, tracking down his family, but the opportunity never returned.

Josef Marder strikes an imposing figure, and rumors abound of his life in fire and blood.
Itinerant in life and in death, over time he has gathered to him a small cadre of followers, and together, they rove the country.
He was in the United States before the founding of the Anarch Free State, and his proud heritage will not allow himself to become enmeshed in the petty squabbling of their politics.
All kindred should be free, absolutely, however much and more can be accomplished by powerful leaders, rather than untold masses.
Marder is a roving Baron, and considers the space around him to be his domain, and his subjects to be those under his sway.
There is a certain amount of etiquette to his court, but it is largely unspoken.
Those who find themselves citizens of Marder’s Barony claim that it all makes sense, and he is not an unreasonable man.

Josef Marder’s crew find themselves an anachronism of late.
As more and more kindred organize in America, the need for roving coteries decreases rapidly.
As such, they have found themselves herded ever eastwards by Sabbat and Camarilla havens, eventually lighting upon Boston some short time ago and setting up shop in Dorchester, Boston’s crime-ridden southern neighborhood.
The atmosphere in Boston is tumultuous enough to allow a new power-player to enter the game, and Marder hasn’t survived this long by not being able to adapt to the zeitgeist.
He knows it’s time for a change in the way they operate, and given the impending advance of Sabbat, Marder knows the attentions of the city’s kindred are focused elsewhere.

Josef "The Old Man" Marder

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