Hugo Farling


Status: Ancilla
Occupation: Proprietor of “Talkilingus,” seedy bar where goods can be got and services retained
Apparent age: 26
Turn-offs: The “man,” hypocrites, old men who send dogs to do their bidding, being pushed around… you get the idea.


Hugo might very well be Boston’s first “Anarch.” Having enough of Camarilla politics, Farling opened up his bar. Well, maybe that’s not exactly accurate.
See, there was this young Nosferatu holed up in a condemned bar. Problem was, he had a penchant for breaking the Masquerade.
While others sat on their hands, Farling “acquired” the deed to the building and set up shop, drawing the problem child to him. Once that happened, well you can guess the rest. And that began a grand tradition of problems being solved in Farling’s bar.
It’s one of Bean Town’s oldest… and greatest.

Hugo Farling

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