Ellie Kineheart


Status: Elder
Position: Archivist
Apparent Age: 32


Not much is known of Ellie Kineheart… or rather many reports conflict. Having a lust and passion for knowledge, she is the self-appointed “Archivist” for the local polity.
A fixture of Camarilla politics, she attends Elysium with relish… except when she doesn’t. She has been in the city as long as any can remember. She gains special pleasure from tactile stimuli, and as such changes the composition of her clothing often, varying the fabrics and designs… sometimes multiple times per night.

The murmurings surrounding Kineheart is not without its measure of fear… Ellie is a notoriously brutal practitioner of the ancient Malkavian pastime of pranking. Engage with caution…

Ellie Kineheart

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