Chastity Sinclair


Status: Neonate
Apparent Age: 22
Outstanding physical features: TMP (Too many piercings)


Despite efforts to the contrary, Sinclair is one of the forgotten of our time.
And, why not?
She projects an image of being high-maintenance, and appears to belong to the polarising goth community.
Dark hair, dark eyes, too much white make-up, too many piercings, you know… nothing permanent enough to actually proclaim an interesting opinion.
You probably ignored girls like her in school.
It’s this same sentiment that has kept real information pertaining to her background from entering common knowledge.
Where is she from? What happened to her sire? No one seems to know… or care.
Chastity is clearly ill-experienced, with no blood-ties to local or prominent kindred making her persona non grata.

She does get around a lot, though.
A known compatriot and hanger-on of local degenerates like Whitley Jameson and Beatrice Clarke.
She is assumed to be quite social in mortal circles, which may very well cause her undoing. She has purportedly formed a small cabal of occultist-leaning kindred friends.
To hear her tell it, an expert in all things relating to magic and occultism, but her apparent age (or lack thereof…) seem to preclude any relevant knowledge.
She’ll declare loudly that she wouldn’t be found in any of that stuck-up Liberty Club’s meetings or peddling their pamphlets on a street corner like so much Girl-Scout-filth… Oh, is it meeting tonight at that dive bar down on Sullivan?
Well… maybe tonight… Just this once…

Chastity Sinclair

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