Beatrice Henrietta Clarke


AKA “Busy Bee” AKA “Zee”
Status: Neonate
Outstanding physical features: Pointed ears
Apparent Age: 19
Easiest way to set her to frenzy: Say “Henrietta.” Go on, say it. I dare you.


Growing up homeless and without family on the streets of Detroit, Clarke became something of a mother-hen figure to local vagrants and others given to the same fate as herself.
From a young age, she looked out for those who could not look out for themselves, taking their own injustices to heart.
A survivor through and through, Clarke became an expert in traversing the cityscape acrobatically and obtaining things her “kin” needed and depended upon: a crust of bread, a radio, warm clothing.
When necessary, she even acted as a strong-arm on the street, chasing out those who would encroach upon her “family’s” needed living-space with cunning artifice.
In one case, she utilized the acoustics of a condemned building to make its denizens believe local law enforcement was rapidly approaching to clear them out, allowing Bea and her own gang to become squatters in the building.

The gang scene in Detroit continued to deteriorate and the police began to crack down increasingly on all gang elements, outwardly violent and otherwise.
Clarke’s group was forced to move on to city after city.
The exodus eastward eventually claimed the lives of most of her “family,” succumbing to exposure, disease, and starvation.
Surviving as a lone waif, an itinerant Gangrel embraced her, impressed with her ability to survive.
Unfortunately for Clarke, her sire was a wanderer, and held with the Gangrel tradition of abandoning newly embraced fledglings in a winter forest to test their mettle.
Beatrice Clarke did what she always had done: she survived. She endured.
Passing through the kindred battlegrounds of the Midwest and East coast, she eventually lighted upon Boston as a place she could settle.
Here, due to other more pressing matters, the Camarilla regime mainly left her to her own devices, and she blossomed into her own.

In recent nights, “Zee” has put her long-honed skills to use, servicing Boston’s greater Kindred community.
Need something? Zee can get it for you, and quiet, too… for a price. Need something placed somewhere discreetly? Yeah, she can do that, too.
“Busy Bee” greatly values her own freedom and those around her and will step in to voice her opinions, loudly, if injustice is perpetrated.
However, just as likely, she’ll stand back and let squabbling morons yell at eachother until they go hoarse… While she slips in the back entrance and rips off an important corporate document before vanishing into the night.

Beatrice Henrietta Clarke

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