Athaleyah Shiir-Malaal


Name: Athaleyah Shir-Malaal
Born: c. 1618 (Safed, Syria)
Embraced: c. 1645 (27)
Appears: Early Twenties
Sire: Mufsa Shir-Malaal (Patrilineal Ancestor)
Slender of limb and chiseled like a predator. Long dark brown hair framing angular features. Typically dresses impeccably for the times, but not without practicality.


Athaleyah (A-THA-LAY-YA) was born in the late 17th century to a powerful family living in the Eyelat of Safed. Her father was a decorated soldier and had earned a place high in the ranks of the Caliph’s army. Naturally, the patriarch of the family really wanted a male heir but due to birthing complications in her pregnancy with Athaleyah – his wife could have no more children. For this reason Athaleyah was raised as a male in the military aristrocracy. Though she was delicate of frame and small of stature, she was graceful, cunning, and resourceful. Most of all, like most second class citizens, she was determined to prove she belonged. Her father sent her to study at a Phoenician school of war, and she excelled. When she left the school and was appointed to the vanguard in the Caliph’s army, she excelled. In the Ottoman-Saffavid War she proved her mettle and served in Tabriz and Hamadan. When Caliph Murad IV commanded the troops into Mesopotamia she was there- in fact, in this conflict she would have died from her injuries were it not for divine intercession. As she lay dying Mufsa, her sire and patrilineal ancestor revealed himself and offered her the Blood, Athaleyah was not ready to die and she took it.

Athaleyah Shiir-Malaal

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