Andrea Parker


Apparent Age: 27

Signatures gained in various petitions:
Way more than you.


In life, a bit of a wayward soul, Andrea Parker grew up in the city of Boston to a life of privilege.
She vacillated from one pop-culture concern to another, eventually attending Berklee College to study music.
In her sophomore year, whilst attending an open-mic night downtown, Parker met and became enamored with a political science professor from Brandeis University.
After a tryst, he aided the young Andrea with a transfer to Brandeis, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in political science.

After completing her Master’s in Los Angeles, she was embraced by local Free State Anarchs.
When word of the tumultuous situation in Boston reached her ears, Parker made the trek back east, to her home. Once there, she found many kindred whose political and social leanings were Anarch at heart, but with no infrastructure, with no one to pose the question “Why do you obey?”
Parker was an oasis in a desert of Camarilla slaves. In order to remedy this, she began the Liberty Club, a peaceful Anarch discussion and activist group mainly attended by local neonates.

She can be found on most nights either moderating “peaceful” discussion groups, or championing the causes of the down-trodden on the various kindred-secure web domains.
She has even been spotted canvassing Kindred entering Elysium to advocate for particularly pressing concerns.
She has put her old mortal contacts to good use and exhibits an intimate knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area.
Andrea Parker is a decidedly West Coast Anarch in her leanings, and is a contributor to the Anarch Free Press, or “Freep.”
She believes that if local kindred simply knew that they had options, they could change the political-scape on the eastern seaboard for the better, taking into account the current dubious position of the Camarilla.

Andrea Parker

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