Roll20 By Night

Crossover Session (12/3/2016)

Now, this night, two disparate factions meet and see if peace can be made between them. For now, more than ever, the Sabbat are nipping at Boston… it is only a matter of time before a Crusade is called. The local kindred need no admonition of the atrocities and horrors committed in the midst of one. They need only to look to Philadelphia, Detroit, and New York City to be reminded.

And it was Philadelphia that has fallen most recently. Amidst flames and thunder, the upper echelons of the Camarilla fled. In chaos and self-preservation, those with the means, the money, the power… spirited themselves away to freedom… and those who did not, who had not, who could not… Didn’t. And the best many of them could hope for was a dignified death. And they did not receive it. The kindred of Boston and New York City railed against their elders, howling for the right to defend and rescue their brothers and sisters fighting for their very unlives in the streets of Philadelphia… and the Ventrue monarchs stayed their hands… And blood formed puddles and runnels in the gutters of The City of Brotherly Love.

The massacre dragged on for months, until a charismatic Brujah, known as Black Betty, rallied the Camarilla survivors, backed by her own coterie. Representing an influx of potent vitae, survival experience, and perhaps most importantly, a morale boost, Black Betty and her rough and tumble group of newly-minted Anarchs commit a tactical retreat to Camden, Pennsylvania. Once in that more defensible location, the Black Betty began waging a bitter guerilla war in Philadelphia. Her goal? Rescue the remaining kindred within the city from the clutches of the Sabbat. In the beginning, there was much success… but the weeks and months dragged on… the fight was difficult… the situation untenable. With local support, Black Betty now brings her brood to Boston, hoping for Prince Croft to grant her plea to settle within his domain. With them, come those rescued from the rubble of the Ivory Tower of Philadelphia, those Camarilla kindred abandoned by their own brothers and sisters, their sires and elders… and their own Prince.

And Boston’s Anarchs led by Josef Marder have troubles of their own. For, ever since they arrived, they have been the target of an undeclared war. The local Camarilla commander in-chief? Prince Alexander Croft… or so he would have you believe. Now, with rumors of an impending visit by a Justicar, the Ivory Tower is under pressure to settle all outstanding accounts: Josef Marder and his rag-tag band of Anarchs, but more importantly… the Sabbat. If Croft could just bring Marder to heel, surely the Sabbat could be washed away like so much refuse.

And so word has been passed from ear to ear… there is an electric thrum through the city… The mountain does not go to the man… and so, yes, the “Old Man” will go to the mountain… Favors are called in, deals are struck, arrangements are made. Each tick of the clock… the appointed hour draws nearer and nearer…

Scene 1 :

Duncan Dreamer and Kana begin the session already at Elysium getting ready for the evening. Art exhibitions have been set up and music is playing. Kana has been given a smaller portion of the evening’s program due to the insistence of her patron , the Seneschal.

Athaleyah Shiir-Malaal is overseeing security arrangements for the evening with the assistance of Tabitha and Finley Darrow

Other PCs detail reasons they are attending the event, ranging from hopes of political/social advancement to pure curiosity.

Scene 2 :

PCS begin to arrive. Ghouls and all electronic/recording devices are to be left at the door. Of note : Hiram James makes a scene singing loudly as he enters. This angers the Keeper of Elysium and a verbal altercation ensues between several PCs over his conduct. Eventually this is resolved. A rumor goes around that a pool has been established by a Harpy over who will make the most interesting entrance to the party.

Black Betty and the Anarchs / Refugees from Philadephia make a loud and impressive entrance.

Scene 3:

The PCs are assembled in a dining room with Alexander Croft seated at the head of the table , other Kindred are seated according to some combination of social status and importance to the evenings agenda. The dinner is somewhat tense with various Kindred exchanging half compliments , insults, veiled inquiries etc.

Kana leaves the room under unclear circumstances , angering Frederick Summers

Scene 4 :

The Prince ends the evening by accepting pledges of loyalty from Black Betty as well as Josef “The Old Man” Marder who formally asks for adoption into the cities traditions and the Princes domain. The Prince pledges to create peace and prosperity for the city in the face of the Sabbat threat.

After the Prince and several high ranking PCs adjourn to a private meeting and the PCs slowly leave , making some last minute conversation and connections.

- Marceline Duvalagreed to meet with Black Betty.

- Athaleyah Shiir-Malaal agreed to meet with Black Betty and also spoke to the Prince regarding the position of the Assamites within the Camarilla.

- Tabitha agreed to meet with Black Betty and also was approached by the Prince regarding a change in Primogen for the Gangrel Clan. It was made clear that she was still being reviewed for the position , and that rumors of investigations into the Lupines was a significant concern.

- Finley Darrow spoke to Marlene regarding possible future projects and agreed to a meeting at Marlene’s club, the Dove.

- Hiram James speaks to Bella and arranges for further meetings.



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