Roll20 By Night

Camarilla, Session 15

Politics and power

Lazaro wakes, feeds, and checks in with her ghoul, as well as ensures that the van, formerly filled with blood, has been cleaned. He heads to the Wisteria, where he speaks to Ashley Down. He offers to provide information gathering services to her, as a competitor to the Nosferatu in Boston. She considers it and then invites him to speak to her to discuss a proposal she has. She expresses a concern that Elysium may not be a secure as had been believed.

Marceline wakes with a memory of Xavier saying that it is time to prepare for your trip to the Black Library. Indeed, she has already been preparing to bring Xavier with her to the Library. And the trip will occur tonight at midnight. Beforehand, though, she will go to the Wisteria in order to attend a primogen council meeting that has been hastily called.

Tabitha is met by Brünhilde and told that she will be serving as Noah’s whip on the primogen council. But Noah is not likely to be the Gangrel primogen for long, which may leave Tabitha to fill his spot.

Sister Julia wakes, feeds, and tells Tabitha to meet her at a park. Sister Julia heads to Elysium first, however. At Elysium, Julia meets first with Ms. Blakemore, who disparages the Nosferatu, and discusses fashion. She then meets Ashley Down, who introduces another Kindred, named Alexei Black.

Caleub is concerned about this new drug, Rage, on the street, so he follows up with Bela the Nosferatu. He asks about Kindred influence over the Pilgrim hospital, which Bela reports is largely controlled by the Ventrue and Malkavians. Caleub also learns about the chief hematologist there. Caleub offers to distribute Rage for free in Anarch territory, as a method of muscling in on the market aggressively. He also texts Tanner and they plan to meet before the primogen meeting, though Tanner himself does not trust Elysium, so they will speak in his personal car.

Meanwhile, Marceline has orchestrated a fake death for her. During the day before this evening, she arranged for her old Haven to burn to the ground. Reports claim that she died in the fire. Indeed, she even allows this story to circulate among the Kindred community, planning to keep her survival a secret from all but the Primogen Council and a few of her allies in her coterie at the moment. She suspects that a Kindred has been informing the hunters about her and she’d like to keep that traitor from learning that she has survived. Only a few of her clan mates, such as Lazaro Fuentes, the Council Members, and a few close allies such as Tabitha would know that she yet lives. Indeed, the rest of the Kindred hear rumors that a Kindred has been killed in her Haven by Hunters!

Sister Julia meets with Bela in Wisteria and they agree to go for a walk to discuss things. Julia inquires whether Bela can spread the word that Julia would like to offer a service of sorts, though one that she would rather not discuss at length yet. In brief, she wishes to provide a service to Kine who wish to make records of certain people disappear.

Caleub meets with Tanner at his car, outside the Wisteria, and tells him what he has learned about Rage. This is a supernatural drug that causes vampires to frenzy if they feed from a Kine who has used the drug. Caleub also reports that he is distributing the drug in Anarch territory in order to blame them. They will be the ones to frenzy and break the Masquerade and thus justify the Prince stepping in. Caleub even proposes introducing the drug into the Camarilla Venture blood bank in order to justify taking control of things. Tanner counsels caution but tells Caleub to go forward with his plan to destabilize anarch territory. Tanner forbids corrupting the Ventrue blood supply now though. Tanner then traps Caleub in the car and, under the menace of violence, demands that Caleub drink his blood. Caleub is angry, but, finally, relents. Just as he is about to do so, Tanner pulls his arm away, saying he just wanted to see what Caleub would do. With that, they part.

Meanwhile, Julia and Tabitha meet in the park. Julia asks about Hiram, having seen him at the Camarilla-Anarch summit. Tabitha offers to introduce them, but, after hearing Tabitha’s description, Julia decides against it. Tabitha then asks if Julia would be willing to share the secrets of her clan’s distinctive discipline and Julia agrees to think about it.

Lazaro heads to Wisteria and looks to meet with his primogen, Sarah Patil. Lazaro inspects their meeting room for bugs and Sarah and Lazaro discuss Lazaro’s growing paranoia about the Hunters. They then discuss what to do with Lazaro’s ghoul. He is worried about the Masquerade, but Sarah notes that these Hunters seem different, more of a threat. Indeed, Sarah suspects that the Hunters used Lazaro’s ghoul to lure Lazaro out into the open in order to assassinate him. She expresses some concern that Lazaro is carrying too many burdens by himself and offers to help.

Lazaro then meets with Caleub and they discuss the situation. Caleub expresses his concern and distaste for both Anarchs and the Ventrue and he suggests that the Ventrue might very well be behind the spread of this drug, Rage. They agree to work together to look into such issues.

Downstairs, the primogen council holds a meeting. Unusually, Noah Harte the Gangrel primogen attends, in addition to the usual suspects. Tabitha and Noah chat beforehand. The Prince convenes the meeting and recognizes that Noah Harte is finally in attendance, after which he acknowledges Tabitha’s presence too, welcoming her.

He then turns to the business at hand, recognizing that there have been several attacks of late: one on Lazaro’s ghoul, continued threats toward Marceline, and, finally, and most shockingly, an Assamite named Athaleyah has made an assassination attempt on the Tremere primogen Ashley Down, though she did not succeed. And this after the Prince had employed Athaleyah as security. Tabitha had worked with her and is surprised. Down angrily sets aside tact and criticizes the Prince for allowing this to happen. The Sheriff, too, explains that she is surprised.

Marceline proposes that the Camarilla kill the leader of the Hunters group, the Children of God, the blind priest. Then Marceline proposes that the Camarilla offer, via the Nosferatu, to the remaining Hunters the location of the Demon in exchange for their leaving us alone. Lydia Averina of the Nosferatu agrees to pass along the information to a group called the Arcanum. Marceline agrees to share her and Lazaro’s information about the Hunters with the Sheriff, who will plan to destroy the head of the Hunters.

The topic then turns to the Assamite assassin. Because Tabitha had been in contact with her, the Prince suggests that Tabitha contact her and attempt to lure to a location where she can be destroyed. Tabitha proposes that Athaleyah is most motivated by opportunities for diablerie. The Prince proposes that Tabitha head up this effort to entrap Athaleyah. The Prince formally proposes that Tabitha have a shorter tenure as Gangrel whip and takes the opportunity to shame Noah a bit for his failings. Marceline detects in fact that the Prince is quite enjoying Noah Harte’s squirming, as is Down, but Tanner, Patil, and especially Lydia seem upset about his public shaming. And with that, the council meeting ends.

Marceline and Ashley Down speak and make a bargain. Marceline agrees to compel a spirit to try to track down the Assamite assassin Athaleyah and keep watch over Down. In exchange, Down will attempt to identify the Kindred who passed information about Marceline to the Hunters. If she cannot provide that information, then the Tremere and Down will owe Marceline a boon.

Sister Julia then speaks to her sire. She admits that it is difficult to maintain one’s faith when moving among Kindred society. They discuss how best to bring their religious message to the Kindred. Her mentor claims that he may force his attendance at the next council meeting. He directs Sister Julia to figure out how they can best bring God’s word to the Kindred of Boston, so that he will have an agenda when he attends the next council meeting.

Meanwhile, Caleub begins to put his plan into action. He poses as a dry cleaning deliveryman and goes to the hematologist’s address and tricks his way in the door. He attacks the two mortals within, but then notices that there are cameras hidden within the apartment, filming him. He wrecks the cameras and then takes the man in a bag and sneaks out, throwing him into a car and driving him to a safehouse of his.

Lazaro meets again with Ashley Down to negotiate their new information gathering arrangement. She proposes a delicate arrangement. In exchange for a boon, she asks that Lazaro investigate Marceline. She suspects that something is amiss with her. She is particularly concerned about Marceline’s meetings with Xavier. Lazaro agrees to gather information about her for Down. Down also requests that Lazaro keep this investigation a secret from Sarah Patil. In order to keep Lazaro’s investigation a secret from Marceline and her spirits, Down will lend Lazaro an artifact that should shield him from the spirits.

Tabitha travels out to the edge of the town to meet with Brünhilde. They discuss Tabitha’s new role as whip and future role as council member. Brünhilde has great respect for Noah in fact and also has confidence in Tabitha. But they both express great concern for the city and do not have much faith in the Prince. After a time, Brünhilde turns to offer some training to Tabitha with regard to some techniques to survive in Lupine territory.

Finally, Marceline makes her way to her meeting with Xavier. Visions of her work with Xavier on the upcoming ritual flicker before her eyes. She enters and finds Xavier prepared for the ritual — naked. The blood rituals and runes are set up around the floor, a book in a strange ancient language open at his side. She now gradually remembers everything she has done — horrible things, things she would never have done or been able to do. Indeed, Xavier is not merely a practitioner of the occult, but a most deviant and horrible user. He believes Gehenna is upon us and he wishes to position himself to survive it. He does not wish to destroy the Camarilla, but he also does not care if it dies. They begin the ritual, which involves bringing Xavier astrally to the Black Library with her. He hopes to find a lost book, never written, about the arrival of the Fallen, which signify the end times. He will try to negotiate for it, but will take it by force if necessary.

They perform the ritual. Marceline performs a huge effort of Willpower, and extended exertion. Fortunately, she succeeds, pulling Xavier’s astral form into the Deep Astral with her. His spirit is still catatonic for a moment, but finally awakes. They begin to move through the Astral, when the wind picks up. It grows and grows in strength, to the point where it is like a hurricane. With snatches of chanting heard on the wind, something, something is coming.



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