Roll20 By Night

Camarilla, Session 14

Lazaro feeds and then receives a call from his ghoul, who believes he’s being hunted by a demon. Lazaro promises to come help.

Marceline makes plans with her ghoul, Zohra, while she contemplates her invitation to the upcoming summit between the Prince, the anarch Baron Marder, and the remaining Camarilla kindred who have fled the Sabbat destruction of Philadelphia. After feeding she heads to the Wisteria.

Kana plans her performance for the summit. She has arranged a backup band and may be invited to the upcoming Gangrel summit.

Caleb goes out with Tanner and busts some heads, impressing him.

Sister Julia speaks to her mentor about the city’s politics and the ramifications of setting up a system to milk blood from people. They also discuss the possibility that witchcraft is real. Father Max explains that it is though its practitioners are thrice damned.

Shortly thereafter, Tabitha visits. Sister Julia inquires about metaphysical matters, confessing that she no longer is certain of what she can believe, now that her worldview has been so upended by the Embrace. Sister Julia questions whether any of this is real. She also wonders about biblical stories as well. Tabitha inquires about Sister Julia’s clan, but Julia states that she cannot answer that question.

At that time, Father Max emerges from the Church to see to whom Sister Julia is speaking. He has an unsettling demeanor. He shakes Tabitha’s hand, for an extended time. He is outwardly polite, claiming he tends to the spiritual needs of his kind, though he has a dark aura about him. After some pleasantries, Father Max withdraws. Tabitha and Sister Julia continue their metaphysical conversation.

Meanwhile, Lazaro arrives at the scene where his ghoul is distressed. He seems to be getting kicked out of a bar for being drunk. Lazaro sees a sniper across the street on the second floor of a building. Lazaro shoots into the air and send the crowd scrambling. The sniper shoots, killing the bouncer. Lazaro brings the van closer to the ghoul in an attempt to give him cover. Another shot explodes the ghoul priest’s side, nearly killing him. Lazaro grabs him and pulls him into the van. Lazaro manages to drive through the crowd with the dying ghoul in the van. He calls his primogen, Sarah Patil, who directs Lazaro to take the ghoul to a nearby hospital where she can arrange a special team to treat the ghoul without a Masquerade violation.

Marceline speaks to the wraith that was formerlyDonald Chen, the Tremere who accompanied her into the Shadowlands to visit the Black Library. She continues her studies, in line with her new philosophical approach to the study of death.

Caleb speaks again to the Burjah primogen Tanner and Tanner explains that he’s pissed about the Prince meeting with the Anarchs. Tanner and the Brujah are boycotting it, but Tanner asks whether Caleb might find a way to get invited to the summit. Because Caleb is so new, he can perhaps get invited and can serve as Tanner’s eyes and ears there. Caleb agrees and continues to impress Tanner, even though Tanner generally doesn’t like ass-kissing.

Meanwhile, York walks the streets and speaks to one of his contacts. The contact tells York about a new drug gang selling a hot new drug called Rage. It’s in demand, being sold cheap, and the gang selling it is new — and violent. York continues to investigate and learns this is an entirely new group and drug.

Lazaro drops off the wounded ghoul with a group of special doctors working for the Ventrue and take him away to attempt to save his life. Lazaro then heads to Elysium, as do many of the other Kindred.

Marceline sits, very still, in the corner, shuffling her Tarot. Lazaro approaches and they discuss what to do with his injured ghoul. Marceline suggests bringing in Ian and the Anarchs to help provide a safe space for the ghoul. After all, putting the ghoul with the anarchs will allow the Anarchs more info on the Hunters, though it may also shift the Hunters’ attention toward them (and thus away from Marceline).

Meanwhile, the Seneschal, Summers, approaches and speaks to Kana about her role as performer at the upcoming summit. He expresses his support for her performance as Tabitha keeps an eye on the interaction.

Kana then speaks to Bela the Nosferatu about his attempt to play chess, even though he doesn’t know how to play. Tabitha approaches and speaks to Kana as well.

Caleb then speaks to Tabitha and explains that he is more interested in the Camarilla than some of his clan mates. He attempts to sway Tabitha to invite him along to the summit even though the rest of his clan will not be attending. She is indeed charmed by him, though she now has duties as a member of the Prince’s honor guard. Even so, she claims she will bring him to the affair even though she won’t be able to send time with him that evening.

Lazaro, Caleb, and York connect and discuss their separate research into this new drug, Rage. There is some initial tension, as their separate investigations appeared to step on each others’ toes. But after some talk, they come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, one in which they will share some of what they learn as well as some possible profits, if there are any to be made in this arena.

The Gangrel moot. They drink and many, but not all, of them lose themselves in the revel. The matriarch of the group approaches Tabitha and suggests that she might teach her some of the traditions of the clan. Tabitha is delighted. Meanwhile, Kana speaks to the other Gangrel but does not lose herself in the revelry.

Meanwhile, back at the Wisteria, Marceline and Sister Julia chat. They discuss Sister Julia’s faith, as well as Marceline’s own experience with spirits. Marceline mentions the existence of the demon in town that she knows about and Sister Julia is alarmed. Eventually Julia asks for a tarot reading and Marceline obliges. (see the #boston_rp_chat for the reading).

Caleb speaks to Bela and learns that this drug is a big deal. It is said to affect Kindred as well as Kine. Bela speculates that it isn’t the Anarchs or even the Giovanni, as it isn’t in their interest.



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