Roll20 By Night

Anarch Season 2, Episode 1

A Brand New Day

After the summit at the Wisteria, Athaleyah tailed Ashley Down to Boston Logan International Airport. After creating a diversion, she overheard the primogen discussing the angry business of not receiving her delivery of a relic from the Old World. Sensing Athaleyah, Down dispatched some of her security detail, who quickly perished beneath the Assamite’s blade. Turning her attention to Ashley in her vehicle attempting to speed away, Athaleyah was delayed by a white shirt and pants-clad bearded kindred, exhibiting great strength and quick thaumaturgical wit. They clashed on top of the vehicle as it sped away. Eventually, the driver was able to throw them clear, and Athaleyah’s foe lay beneath her blade, struggling for his unlife. Eventually, Athaleyah bested her foe, consuming his vitae and adding his power unto her own as the primogen’s car made good its escape.

Cat had a nightmare about her new book. Heading out to her favorite rave club, the Mex-Lexicon, Macy and Cat went to visit her human friends, Justin, Davis, Tourette, and Lucy. Macy was not pleased.

Later, the Anarchs had an afterparty at Hiram’s place. Ian spoke to Black Betty, setting up a scouting run at Longwood Towers. Cat and Duncan spoke about the book she obtained and the gem he acquired from Bea Clarke at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Duncan. After coming back with the book, Tabitha attempted to open the lock, but was unsuccessful. Tabitha advised Cat to track down some Nosferatu.

At Ian’s, Lillith’s Get and the Anarchs have moved into the Paintball arena.

Hiram and Duncan went out, and after exchanging some words on their clans’ major disciplines, Hiram explained that dementation is more than just a discipline… It’s about insanity… And insanity can’t be put in a little box…



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