Roll20 By Night

Camarilla, Session 15
Politics and power

Lazaro wakes, feeds, and checks in with her ghoul, as well as ensures that the van, formerly filled with blood, has been cleaned. He heads to the Wisteria, where he speaks to Ashley Down. He offers to provide information gathering services to her, as a competitor to the Nosferatu in Boston. She considers it and then invites him to speak to her to discuss a proposal she has. She expresses a concern that Elysium may not be a secure as had been believed.

Marceline wakes with a memory of Xavier saying that it is time to prepare for your trip to the Black Library. Indeed, she has already been preparing to bring Xavier with her to the Library. And the trip will occur tonight at midnight. Beforehand, though, she will go to the Wisteria in order to attend a primogen council meeting that has been hastily called.

Tabitha is met by Brünhilde and told that she will be serving as Noah’s whip on the primogen council. But Noah is not likely to be the Gangrel primogen for long, which may leave Tabitha to fill his spot.

Sister Julia wakes, feeds, and tells Tabitha to meet her at a park. Sister Julia heads to Elysium first, however. At Elysium, Julia meets first with Ms. Blakemore, who disparages the Nosferatu, and discusses fashion. She then meets Ashley Down, who introduces another Kindred, named Alexei Black.

Caleub is concerned about this new drug, Rage, on the street, so he follows up with Bela the Nosferatu. He asks about Kindred influence over the Pilgrim hospital, which Bela reports is largely controlled by the Ventrue and Malkavians. Caleub also learns about the chief hematologist there. Caleub offers to distribute Rage for free in Anarch territory, as a method of muscling in on the market aggressively. He also texts Tanner and they plan to meet before the primogen meeting, though Tanner himself does not trust Elysium, so they will speak in his personal car.

Meanwhile, Marceline has orchestrated a fake death for her. During the day before this evening, she arranged for her old Haven to burn to the ground. Reports claim that she died in the fire. Indeed, she even allows this story to circulate among the Kindred community, planning to keep her survival a secret from all but the Primogen Council and a few of her allies in her coterie at the moment. She suspects that a Kindred has been informing the hunters about her and she’d like to keep that traitor from learning that she has survived. Only a few of her clan mates, such as Lazaro Fuentes, the Council Members, and a few close allies such as Tabitha would know that she yet lives. Indeed, the rest of the Kindred hear rumors that a Kindred has been killed in her Haven by Hunters!

Sister Julia meets with Bela in Wisteria and they agree to go for a walk to discuss things. Julia inquires whether Bela can spread the word that Julia would like to offer a service of sorts, though one that she would rather not discuss at length yet. In brief, she wishes to provide a service to Kine who wish to make records of certain people disappear.

Caleub meets with Tanner at his car, outside the Wisteria, and tells him what he has learned about Rage. This is a supernatural drug that causes vampires to frenzy if they feed from a Kine who has used the drug. Caleub also reports that he is distributing the drug in Anarch territory in order to blame them. They will be the ones to frenzy and break the Masquerade and thus justify the Prince stepping in. Caleub even proposes introducing the drug into the Camarilla Venture blood bank in order to justify taking control of things. Tanner counsels caution but tells Caleub to go forward with his plan to destabilize anarch territory. Tanner forbids corrupting the Ventrue blood supply now though. Tanner then traps Caleub in the car and, under the menace of violence, demands that Caleub drink his blood. Caleub is angry, but, finally, relents. Just as he is about to do so, Tanner pulls his arm away, saying he just wanted to see what Caleub would do. With that, they part.

Meanwhile, Julia and Tabitha meet in the park. Julia asks about Hiram, having seen him at the Camarilla-Anarch summit. Tabitha offers to introduce them, but, after hearing Tabitha’s description, Julia decides against it. Tabitha then asks if Julia would be willing to share the secrets of her clan’s distinctive discipline and Julia agrees to think about it.

Lazaro heads to Wisteria and looks to meet with his primogen, Sarah Patil. Lazaro inspects their meeting room for bugs and Sarah and Lazaro discuss Lazaro’s growing paranoia about the Hunters. They then discuss what to do with Lazaro’s ghoul. He is worried about the Masquerade, but Sarah notes that these Hunters seem different, more of a threat. Indeed, Sarah suspects that the Hunters used Lazaro’s ghoul to lure Lazaro out into the open in order to assassinate him. She expresses some concern that Lazaro is carrying too many burdens by himself and offers to help.

Lazaro then meets with Caleub and they discuss the situation. Caleub expresses his concern and distaste for both Anarchs and the Ventrue and he suggests that the Ventrue might very well be behind the spread of this drug, Rage. They agree to work together to look into such issues.

Downstairs, the primogen council holds a meeting. Unusually, Noah Harte the Gangrel primogen attends, in addition to the usual suspects. Tabitha and Noah chat beforehand. The Prince convenes the meeting and recognizes that Noah Harte is finally in attendance, after which he acknowledges Tabitha’s presence too, welcoming her.

He then turns to the business at hand, recognizing that there have been several attacks of late: one on Lazaro’s ghoul, continued threats toward Marceline, and, finally, and most shockingly, an Assamite named Athaleyah has made an assassination attempt on the Tremere primogen Ashley Down, though she did not succeed. And this after the Prince had employed Athaleyah as security. Tabitha had worked with her and is surprised. Down angrily sets aside tact and criticizes the Prince for allowing this to happen. The Sheriff, too, explains that she is surprised.

Marceline proposes that the Camarilla kill the leader of the Hunters group, the Children of God, the blind priest. Then Marceline proposes that the Camarilla offer, via the Nosferatu, to the remaining Hunters the location of the Demon in exchange for their leaving us alone. Lydia Averina of the Nosferatu agrees to pass along the information to a group called the Arcanum. Marceline agrees to share her and Lazaro’s information about the Hunters with the Sheriff, who will plan to destroy the head of the Hunters.

The topic then turns to the Assamite assassin. Because Tabitha had been in contact with her, the Prince suggests that Tabitha contact her and attempt to lure to a location where she can be destroyed. Tabitha proposes that Athaleyah is most motivated by opportunities for diablerie. The Prince proposes that Tabitha head up this effort to entrap Athaleyah. The Prince formally proposes that Tabitha have a shorter tenure as Gangrel whip and takes the opportunity to shame Noah a bit for his failings. Marceline detects in fact that the Prince is quite enjoying Noah Harte’s squirming, as is Down, but Tanner, Patil, and especially Lydia seem upset about his public shaming. And with that, the council meeting ends.

Marceline and Ashley Down speak and make a bargain. Marceline agrees to compel a spirit to try to track down the Assamite assassin Athaleyah and keep watch over Down. In exchange, Down will attempt to identify the Kindred who passed information about Marceline to the Hunters. If she cannot provide that information, then the Tremere and Down will owe Marceline a boon.

Sister Julia then speaks to her sire. She admits that it is difficult to maintain one’s faith when moving among Kindred society. They discuss how best to bring their religious message to the Kindred. Her mentor claims that he may force his attendance at the next council meeting. He directs Sister Julia to figure out how they can best bring God’s word to the Kindred of Boston, so that he will have an agenda when he attends the next council meeting.

Meanwhile, Caleub begins to put his plan into action. He poses as a dry cleaning deliveryman and goes to the hematologist’s address and tricks his way in the door. He attacks the two mortals within, but then notices that there are cameras hidden within the apartment, filming him. He wrecks the cameras and then takes the man in a bag and sneaks out, throwing him into a car and driving him to a safehouse of his.

Lazaro meets again with Ashley Down to negotiate their new information gathering arrangement. She proposes a delicate arrangement. In exchange for a boon, she asks that Lazaro investigate Marceline. She suspects that something is amiss with her. She is particularly concerned about Marceline’s meetings with Xavier. Lazaro agrees to gather information about her for Down. Down also requests that Lazaro keep this investigation a secret from Sarah Patil. In order to keep Lazaro’s investigation a secret from Marceline and her spirits, Down will lend Lazaro an artifact that should shield him from the spirits.

Tabitha travels out to the edge of the town to meet with Brünhilde. They discuss Tabitha’s new role as whip and future role as council member. Brünhilde has great respect for Noah in fact and also has confidence in Tabitha. But they both express great concern for the city and do not have much faith in the Prince. After a time, Brünhilde turns to offer some training to Tabitha with regard to some techniques to survive in Lupine territory.

Finally, Marceline makes her way to her meeting with Xavier. Visions of her work with Xavier on the upcoming ritual flicker before her eyes. She enters and finds Xavier prepared for the ritual — naked. The blood rituals and runes are set up around the floor, a book in a strange ancient language open at his side. She now gradually remembers everything she has done — horrible things, things she would never have done or been able to do. Indeed, Xavier is not merely a practitioner of the occult, but a most deviant and horrible user. He believes Gehenna is upon us and he wishes to position himself to survive it. He does not wish to destroy the Camarilla, but he also does not care if it dies. They begin the ritual, which involves bringing Xavier astrally to the Black Library with her. He hopes to find a lost book, never written, about the arrival of the Fallen, which signify the end times. He will try to negotiate for it, but will take it by force if necessary.

They perform the ritual. Marceline performs a huge effort of Willpower, and extended exertion. Fortunately, she succeeds, pulling Xavier’s astral form into the Deep Astral with her. His spirit is still catatonic for a moment, but finally awakes. They begin to move through the Astral, when the wind picks up. It grows and grows in strength, to the point where it is like a hurricane. With snatches of chanting heard on the wind, something, something is coming.

Anarch Season 2, Episode 1
A Brand New Day

After the summit at the Wisteria, Athaleyah tailed Ashley Down to Boston Logan International Airport. After creating a diversion, she overheard the primogen discussing the angry business of not receiving her delivery of a relic from the Old World. Sensing Athaleyah, Down dispatched some of her security detail, who quickly perished beneath the Assamite’s blade. Turning her attention to Ashley in her vehicle attempting to speed away, Athaleyah was delayed by a white shirt and pants-clad bearded kindred, exhibiting great strength and quick thaumaturgical wit. They clashed on top of the vehicle as it sped away. Eventually, the driver was able to throw them clear, and Athaleyah’s foe lay beneath her blade, struggling for his unlife. Eventually, Athaleyah bested her foe, consuming his vitae and adding his power unto her own as the primogen’s car made good its escape.

Cat had a nightmare about her new book. Heading out to her favorite rave club, the Mex-Lexicon, Macy and Cat went to visit her human friends, Justin, Davis, Tourette, and Lucy. Macy was not pleased.

Later, the Anarchs had an afterparty at Hiram’s place. Ian spoke to Black Betty, setting up a scouting run at Longwood Towers. Cat and Duncan spoke about the book she obtained and the gem he acquired from Bea Clarke at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Duncan. After coming back with the book, Tabitha attempted to open the lock, but was unsuccessful. Tabitha advised Cat to track down some Nosferatu.

At Ian’s, Lillith’s Get and the Anarchs have moved into the Paintball arena.

Hiram and Duncan went out, and after exchanging some words on their clans’ major disciplines, Hiram explained that dementation is more than just a discipline… It’s about insanity… And insanity can’t be put in a little box…

Crossover Session (12/3/2016)

Now, this night, two disparate factions meet and see if peace can be made between them. For now, more than ever, the Sabbat are nipping at Boston… it is only a matter of time before a Crusade is called. The local kindred need no admonition of the atrocities and horrors committed in the midst of one. They need only to look to Philadelphia, Detroit, and New York City to be reminded.

And it was Philadelphia that has fallen most recently. Amidst flames and thunder, the upper echelons of the Camarilla fled. In chaos and self-preservation, those with the means, the money, the power… spirited themselves away to freedom… and those who did not, who had not, who could not… Didn’t. And the best many of them could hope for was a dignified death. And they did not receive it. The kindred of Boston and New York City railed against their elders, howling for the right to defend and rescue their brothers and sisters fighting for their very unlives in the streets of Philadelphia… and the Ventrue monarchs stayed their hands… And blood formed puddles and runnels in the gutters of The City of Brotherly Love.

The massacre dragged on for months, until a charismatic Brujah, known as Black Betty, rallied the Camarilla survivors, backed by her own coterie. Representing an influx of potent vitae, survival experience, and perhaps most importantly, a morale boost, Black Betty and her rough and tumble group of newly-minted Anarchs commit a tactical retreat to Camden, Pennsylvania. Once in that more defensible location, the Black Betty began waging a bitter guerilla war in Philadelphia. Her goal? Rescue the remaining kindred within the city from the clutches of the Sabbat. In the beginning, there was much success… but the weeks and months dragged on… the fight was difficult… the situation untenable. With local support, Black Betty now brings her brood to Boston, hoping for Prince Croft to grant her plea to settle within his domain. With them, come those rescued from the rubble of the Ivory Tower of Philadelphia, those Camarilla kindred abandoned by their own brothers and sisters, their sires and elders… and their own Prince.

And Boston’s Anarchs led by Josef Marder have troubles of their own. For, ever since they arrived, they have been the target of an undeclared war. The local Camarilla commander in-chief? Prince Alexander Croft… or so he would have you believe. Now, with rumors of an impending visit by a Justicar, the Ivory Tower is under pressure to settle all outstanding accounts: Josef Marder and his rag-tag band of Anarchs, but more importantly… the Sabbat. If Croft could just bring Marder to heel, surely the Sabbat could be washed away like so much refuse.

And so word has been passed from ear to ear… there is an electric thrum through the city… The mountain does not go to the man… and so, yes, the “Old Man” will go to the mountain… Favors are called in, deals are struck, arrangements are made. Each tick of the clock… the appointed hour draws nearer and nearer…

Scene 1 :

Duncan Dreamer and Kana begin the session already at Elysium getting ready for the evening. Art exhibitions have been set up and music is playing. Kana has been given a smaller portion of the evening’s program due to the insistence of her patron , the Seneschal.

Athaleyah Shiir-Malaal is overseeing security arrangements for the evening with the assistance of Tabitha and Finley Darrow

Other PCs detail reasons they are attending the event, ranging from hopes of political/social advancement to pure curiosity.

Scene 2 :

PCS begin to arrive. Ghouls and all electronic/recording devices are to be left at the door. Of note : Hiram James makes a scene singing loudly as he enters. This angers the Keeper of Elysium and a verbal altercation ensues between several PCs over his conduct. Eventually this is resolved. A rumor goes around that a pool has been established by a Harpy over who will make the most interesting entrance to the party.

Black Betty and the Anarchs / Refugees from Philadephia make a loud and impressive entrance.

Scene 3:

The PCs are assembled in a dining room with Alexander Croft seated at the head of the table , other Kindred are seated according to some combination of social status and importance to the evenings agenda. The dinner is somewhat tense with various Kindred exchanging half compliments , insults, veiled inquiries etc.

Kana leaves the room under unclear circumstances , angering Frederick Summers

Scene 4 :

The Prince ends the evening by accepting pledges of loyalty from Black Betty as well as Josef “The Old Man” Marder who formally asks for adoption into the cities traditions and the Princes domain. The Prince pledges to create peace and prosperity for the city in the face of the Sabbat threat.

After the Prince and several high ranking PCs adjourn to a private meeting and the PCs slowly leave , making some last minute conversation and connections.

- Marceline Duvalagreed to meet with Black Betty.

- Athaleyah Shiir-Malaal agreed to meet with Black Betty and also spoke to the Prince regarding the position of the Assamites within the Camarilla.

- Tabitha agreed to meet with Black Betty and also was approached by the Prince regarding a change in Primogen for the Gangrel Clan. It was made clear that she was still being reviewed for the position , and that rumors of investigations into the Lupines was a significant concern.

- Finley Darrow spoke to Marlene regarding possible future projects and agreed to a meeting at Marlene’s club, the Dove.

- Hiram James speaks to Bella and arranges for further meetings.

Camarilla, Session 14

Lazaro feeds and then receives a call from his ghoul, who believes he’s being hunted by a demon. Lazaro promises to come help.

Marceline makes plans with her ghoul, Zohra, while she contemplates her invitation to the upcoming summit between the Prince, the anarch Baron Marder, and the remaining Camarilla kindred who have fled the Sabbat destruction of Philadelphia. After feeding she heads to the Wisteria.

Kana plans her performance for the summit. She has arranged a backup band and may be invited to the upcoming Gangrel summit.

Caleb goes out with Tanner and busts some heads, impressing him.

Sister Julia speaks to her mentor about the city’s politics and the ramifications of setting up a system to milk blood from people. They also discuss the possibility that witchcraft is real. Father Max explains that it is though its practitioners are thrice damned.

Shortly thereafter, Tabitha visits. Sister Julia inquires about metaphysical matters, confessing that she no longer is certain of what she can believe, now that her worldview has been so upended by the Embrace. Sister Julia questions whether any of this is real. She also wonders about biblical stories as well. Tabitha inquires about Sister Julia’s clan, but Julia states that she cannot answer that question.

At that time, Father Max emerges from the Church to see to whom Sister Julia is speaking. He has an unsettling demeanor. He shakes Tabitha’s hand, for an extended time. He is outwardly polite, claiming he tends to the spiritual needs of his kind, though he has a dark aura about him. After some pleasantries, Father Max withdraws. Tabitha and Sister Julia continue their metaphysical conversation.

Meanwhile, Lazaro arrives at the scene where his ghoul is distressed. He seems to be getting kicked out of a bar for being drunk. Lazaro sees a sniper across the street on the second floor of a building. Lazaro shoots into the air and send the crowd scrambling. The sniper shoots, killing the bouncer. Lazaro brings the van closer to the ghoul in an attempt to give him cover. Another shot explodes the ghoul priest’s side, nearly killing him. Lazaro grabs him and pulls him into the van. Lazaro manages to drive through the crowd with the dying ghoul in the van. He calls his primogen, Sarah Patil, who directs Lazaro to take the ghoul to a nearby hospital where she can arrange a special team to treat the ghoul without a Masquerade violation.

Marceline speaks to the wraith that was formerlyDonald Chen, the Tremere who accompanied her into the Shadowlands to visit the Black Library. She continues her studies, in line with her new philosophical approach to the study of death.

Caleb speaks again to the Burjah primogen Tanner and Tanner explains that he’s pissed about the Prince meeting with the Anarchs. Tanner and the Brujah are boycotting it, but Tanner asks whether Caleb might find a way to get invited to the summit. Because Caleb is so new, he can perhaps get invited and can serve as Tanner’s eyes and ears there. Caleb agrees and continues to impress Tanner, even though Tanner generally doesn’t like ass-kissing.

Meanwhile, York walks the streets and speaks to one of his contacts. The contact tells York about a new drug gang selling a hot new drug called Rage. It’s in demand, being sold cheap, and the gang selling it is new — and violent. York continues to investigate and learns this is an entirely new group and drug.

Lazaro drops off the wounded ghoul with a group of special doctors working for the Ventrue and take him away to attempt to save his life. Lazaro then heads to Elysium, as do many of the other Kindred.

Marceline sits, very still, in the corner, shuffling her Tarot. Lazaro approaches and they discuss what to do with his injured ghoul. Marceline suggests bringing in Ian and the Anarchs to help provide a safe space for the ghoul. After all, putting the ghoul with the anarchs will allow the Anarchs more info on the Hunters, though it may also shift the Hunters’ attention toward them (and thus away from Marceline).

Meanwhile, the Seneschal, Summers, approaches and speaks to Kana about her role as performer at the upcoming summit. He expresses his support for her performance as Tabitha keeps an eye on the interaction.

Kana then speaks to Bela the Nosferatu about his attempt to play chess, even though he doesn’t know how to play. Tabitha approaches and speaks to Kana as well.

Caleb then speaks to Tabitha and explains that he is more interested in the Camarilla than some of his clan mates. He attempts to sway Tabitha to invite him along to the summit even though the rest of his clan will not be attending. She is indeed charmed by him, though she now has duties as a member of the Prince’s honor guard. Even so, she claims she will bring him to the affair even though she won’t be able to send time with him that evening.

Lazaro, Caleb, and York connect and discuss their separate research into this new drug, Rage. There is some initial tension, as their separate investigations appeared to step on each others’ toes. But after some talk, they come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, one in which they will share some of what they learn as well as some possible profits, if there are any to be made in this arena.

The Gangrel moot. They drink and many, but not all, of them lose themselves in the revel. The matriarch of the group approaches Tabitha and suggests that she might teach her some of the traditions of the clan. Tabitha is delighted. Meanwhile, Kana speaks to the other Gangrel but does not lose herself in the revelry.

Meanwhile, back at the Wisteria, Marceline and Sister Julia chat. They discuss Sister Julia’s faith, as well as Marceline’s own experience with spirits. Marceline mentions the existence of the demon in town that she knows about and Sister Julia is alarmed. Eventually Julia asks for a tarot reading and Marceline obliges. (see the #boston_rp_chat for the reading).

Caleb speaks to Bela and learns that this drug is a big deal. It is said to affect Kindred as well as Kine. Bela speculates that it isn’t the Anarchs or even the Giovanni, as it isn’t in their interest.

Anarch Episode 15
Scurry Before the Storm

Rosalie stopped by to visit Cat and Macy. Macy seemed weirded out by Rosalie. Macy and Cat got ready to take a road trip to Salem. Rosalie gave Cat a knife, an appropriate weapon for her.

Hiram got ready to move in to his new apartment. He went to visit Ian to pitch his idea of starting a loan shark concern.

Ian went to meet Andrea Parker, appealing to her desire for great journalism to write a story about Black Betty’s impending move to Boston. She represents a great sum of knowledge for fighting the Sabbat in a defensive war, and is a veritable folk hero.’

Athaleyah, in staking out Marder’s domain, realizes she is being watched. Blending into the shadows, she scaled a building, coming upon a locked door. Hearing sounds on the other side, she entered the room to find an odd bullet, unlike any she had seen before. Then, a door slam upstairs… Athaleyah went to investigate, and finding nothing of note, returned to the scene to further investigate…

Duncan debuted his exhibit featuring Finley dressed as him at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Involved in an altercation, Winchester Grant flees the scene. Duncan’s sire Elizabeth Montenegra suggests he uses the opportunity to take over the museum’s directorship.

Cat and Macy arrived at Salem, and after treating Macy to a lobster roll, went to take in the occult scene. They came across an odd placcard of the gem Duncan had showed Cat. After asking the shopkeep, they were introduced to an ancient tome, locked with an antique wooden-appearing lock. Cat and Macy stole the book while the shopkeeper was arguing with her cat Harvey about the price. Later, Cat and Macy tried to open the book, calling upon the services of a local locksmith, who was unable to do anything for them except encourage them that locks were souls and you get them to open by talking to them with the proper microphone (key). Thus resigned, Cat and Macy went back to their hotel room to “talk” the book into opening.

Finley went to visit Noah Harte, and discussed the upcoming Summit. Noah seemed tired with politics and indicated to his confidante that some had called for a new Gangrel Primogen. Noah speculated that the most powerful Gangrel in the city would naturally accede the post. Finley questioned if this could possibly be Marder, and Harte retired to take in the night air and contemplate events.

Ian went to meet with Eddie Money at the Golden Apple, asking to meet with Clarice. Eddie offered to set up a meeting after Ian helped Eddie locate some of his people being held at Longwood Towers…

Finley brought Ian to meet Dexter Ambrose. Finley invited Ambrose to meet Marder, and declare for him with Ambrose’s Idealist faction. Ian, Finley, and Ambrose discussed the implications of a Justicar coming to town.

Anarch Episode 14
And the Stains Coming From My Blood Tell Me...

Ian, Finley, Duncan, Tabitha, and Hiram went to Dorchester in a van, which caught a fuel line leak, and fought a few members of the Harbor Point Bloods. Duncan raised his pistol to the air and stopped the tussle with a deafening shot.

After learning of Jimmy “Red” Cranston’s gang, the Winter Hill Gang, which held sway over the local gangs, Hiram decided to torch the broken-down van, and Finley called an Uber.

Athaleyah headed to speak to the Prince, informing him of the Monitor and his sleeping lover, the methuselah, kept under guard at Ian Hale’s (recently consumed by an unknown assailant). The Prince was suspicious, but accepted Athaleyah’s status report. He then informed her of Marder’s intention to meet with him, bringing Black Betty and her kindred to present themselves to him and bring Camarilla stragglers from Philadelphia into the fold.

Athaleyah then invited Tabitha and Finley to a meeting.

Val went to the hotel her herd stayed at and smoothed over Kerry, the manager at Val’s herd’s dirt bag hotel. Val assured him that should there be any issues, Kerry should call Val.

Val and Ian head out to Longwood Towers to check out and see if some of Val’s captive herd were okay. Reconnoitering the area, they found the ground level chained and barred from entry. Deciding to head back, Ian got a text from Chambers that Marder wanted to see him.

Devin was at home playing Last of Us, when he recalled that his family’s assaulters left a phone for him. Calling him, a man tortures Devin’s sister on the other line. Realizing his family is alive, he texts Finley, asking for a meetup.

Meanwhile, Tabitha meets with Athaleyah at her home. Athaleyah offers Tabitha the position of Prince’s guard for the upcoming meeting between Marder, Black Betty, and Prince Croft. Tabitha accepts.

Back at the uber, Duncan, Finley, and Hiram were headed out. Hiram stopped off and purchased a rubber hose, funnel, and bottle of drano.

Duncan told by Elizabeth Montenegra that the Prince needs entertainment for the meeting between Marder, Black Betty, and the Prince

Duncan, Hiram, Finley, Athaleyah, Tabitha, Devin, met at the Wisteria at the invitation of Athaleyah. Devin gives the phone to Finley. Duncan and Hiram share a few private words.

Athaleyah invited Tabitha and Finley to act as her honor guard in approaching Marder on behalf of the Prince to accept the request for a meeting. Athaleyah informs Finley of her plan to provide Finley with power. When Athaleyah has her way, she will sweep those who are undeserving aside.

Ian and Val go to meet Marder. Marder tells Ian of Bass Thompson’s pettiness, and asks Ian to handle security for the meeting between Marder and the Prince.

Athaleyah, Finley, and Tabitha went to meet Marder, being ushered in to the meeting with Ian, Val, and Marder. Finley acquitted herself well.

Crossover Program Episode 2

At Ian’s, inside the paintball range. Contractors have begun construction and repairs. Marceline and Finley arrive, seeing Hiram and Ian.

Marceline and Finley discuss the hard drive containing the security video of her. Finley provides Ian the files on the Hunters that she had received from Lazaro.

Ian and Finley discuss Ian’s attacker.

They then discuss Devin, haunted by his dead family. Finley offers to pay Hiram to get rid of the haunting.

Finley explains that the hard drive has video of other people, mostly ghouls or people falsely believed to be Kindred. Marceline is the only Kindred really targeted.

Hiram claims to have a ghoul inside the Children of God, Pervis, and he and Finley discuss a plan to infiltrate the Hunters.

At that point, Tabitha and Risē show up. Tabitha asks Finley to get information about a list of people. Risē mentions that the people are related to werewolves and everyone freaks out a bit. Tabitha admits that she’s planning on doing …something with a werewolf. Duncan arrives as well.

Hiram and Tabitha have a heated conversation about Ireland and their different pasts.

Marceline and Ian go around front to discuss a vision that Ian claims that he had of her. He shows her a drawing of a vision he had of Papa Legba crawling out of a sunburst. They discuss it and Marceline asks Ian to give her another tattoo, this one on her back.

Finley, Tabitha, Risē, Duncan, and Hiram remain in the back, and the conversation remains heated. Tabitha suggests that Duncan and Finley get it on and Finley becomes enraged with both of them. Finley and Duncan come to blows, with Finley breaking Duncan’s nose. She attacks him and Duncan begs her to stop and, with the help of his Dominate, she does. Eventually Hiram calms them down and convinces them to get into a van and go beat people up.

Camarilla, Session 12
Of Necromancy and Lupines

The Primogen council moved against the Hunters, arranging raids and arrests on the Children of God. The blind priest seems to have escaped attention, however.

Tabitha offers the Embrace to her ghoul, Risē Osaki. Risē accepts.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval has been having vidid dream. Dream about Donald Chen. She thereafter speaks to the Nosferatu whip, who confirms that the Hunters have been working out of a camera shop that coordinates Hunters in Boston.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval speaks to Lazaro, who asks her to intervene with the council to get a list of the Hunters for him through the police contacts.

We are introduced to the new Brujah PC, Caleb, a burnt-out mobster, played by @Amity. He has been around Boston for a few years. Caleb visits the Brujah gym and speaks to senior Brujah — Jessica the Sheriff, Tanner the Primogen. Caleb reaffirms his commitment to the Clan.

Tabitha drops off her newly Embraced Childe, Risē. While there, Risē is approached by another Kindred, who slyly refuses to identify herself. Tabitha suspects she know who it is, however. She then calls her primogen, Noah. They discuss Lupines and Tabitha admits she would like to drink and experiment with Lupine blood. Noah warns her about them. She describes her interest in ancient Gangrel myths of Ennoia and a possible connection between her clan and the Lupines. Noah suggests she visit X, an ancient and cranky Gangrel, named X.

Tabitha reaches out to Marceline and Lazaro for support as she visits this cranky gangrel, X. They in turn reach out to Finn, who puts them in contact with Caleb for backup. Eventually they will plan and prepare before taking this perilous journey through Lupine territory to a wildlife preserve where this cranky Gangrel lives.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval visits Xavier and finds him agitated. Xavier demands that she make an oath. After some thought she does. She has entered into a pact that allows him to teach her rituals and knowledge but limits her ability to access this info outside of his presence. — it is a pact of silence and secrecy. In so doing, she slowly drifts further from her humanity. As a reward for entering into the pact, Xavier gives her a plain ring, one hat allow her to command the spirits in a way she had not been able to do before.

Later in the evening, Tabitha and her new Childe Risē arrive at the Wisteria, where they meet up with Content Not Found: marceline-duval, Lazaro, and Caleb. Risē sings and then speaks to another Malkavian named ‘Nightstalker’.

Tabitha informs her friends of her plan to travel out to a Wildlife Refuge west of Boston, in Lupine country. Content Not Found: marceline-duval plans to travel Astrally while they travel bodily. As they travel out, she follows astrally and sees two lupines tracking the vampires in the Umbra. They raise a horn to their lips and blow, which causes a terrifying howl across the forest. Risē frenzies and runs. Caleb manages to subdue her, but the wolves approach, closer. Just when it is about to get ugly, a huge man emerges with a silvered machete and the wolf spirits recoil. Tabitha steps forward to speak to him, and manages to get him to talk. He tells some of the history of the Gangrel and speaks of the Garou, their powers, and their kinfolk.

Lazaro visits Sarah Patil, his primogen. He proposes a way to use his ghoul to generate a steady blood supply. They will think they are donating blood for charity when in fact it is for us.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval speaks to the spirits, looking for the spirit of Donald Chen, the Tremere who committed suicide. Eventually he finds a spirit who tells her that he is lost near the Tempest. She considers whether to compel his spirit to visit her.

Tabitha speaks to her primogen about her visit to X. She tells the story and Noah is enraptured to hear about the Garou. They discuss her plan to pursue more info about the Garou and their kinfolk.

Caleb heads back to the gym. He speaks to his primogen Tanner claims the claw marks on his chest was from a fight with a Lupine (successfully tricking him). He claims he wants to learn Protean from Tabitha, who owes him, and he will pass it along to his clan. Tanner suggests they might go fight some Sabbat soon.

Anarch Episode 13
Events of 11/6/2016 - 11/12/2016

Painted in Flames, All Peeling Thunder

Hiram headed to Pervis Montgomery’s place, and put his foot down. It was time for Pervis to finally clean up his apartment. Heading out to get supplies and beer, Hiram returned to help Pervis complete the task over the next several nights.

Duncan Dreamer went to meet his sire, Elizabeth Montenegra to get her on board with helping him advance his acquisition of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. His warning of an ancient evil dogging his (and her) steps fell on deaf ears.

Cat, recognizing her own precarious and unsafe situation (experiencing omens, and being spied upon ever since coming to Boston, culminating with the recent break-in) spent time with Mark “Bull Goose” Chambers, Josef “The Old Man” Marder’s second in command, overhearing a conversation between the Reeve, Sebastian “Bass” Thompson and the sweeper, Rosalie Webber concerning the latter’s recent fling with a human of supernatural capability. Cat discussed her safety, showcasing her knew pistol, and expressing her plans to avail herself of a machete. Mark Chambers encouraged Cat to ask Rosalie about a proper weapon for herself.

Cat went home to check on Macy, who has been having some problems finding spiritual peace since becoming a ghoul. Assuring Cat she was not becoming addicted to vampiric vitae, Cat assented to Macy’s desire for more blood.

Meanwhile, at their shared domain, Ian and Val began to put their home in order. Ian texted his friends Duncan Dreamer and Hiram, inviting them over, and then set to work. Suspecting an agent of the Prince was his mysterious assailant of Crossover Episode 1, he investigated likely candidates while Valeria Bauer took training from Joe on how to properly shoot a gun. Cat arrived and joined Val in training.

Sharing his opinion that the assailant was a Camarilla operative, Ian greets Hiram. Hiram is not convinced. “The Camarilla sends kids, not assassins.” Ian discusses his plan to bring Black Betty and Lillith’s Get into Boston.

At Ian’s invitation, Marceline Duval swings by. She has been looking into Val’s missing herd. After meditation, she uncovered the name of Stinky Pete’s location: Longwood Towers.

Duncan showed Cat a gem obtained by Beatrice Henrietta Clarke from the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum with his help. It reminded her of an omen she saw earlier, but was unable to ascertain its nature.

Heading out to the Bee’s Knees to meet with her drug dealer, Slumdog PIllionaire and her old boss, the strip-club owner, Winchell Chang. Val used her powers of persuasion to convince the two to enter a business arrangement for Chang’s girls at the Bee’s Knees to sell “drugs.”

The climax of the evening, Ian attended the war council called by Josef Marder to address the attempt on Ian’s life. Those gathered are split in their assessment. Some believe that another Sabbat assassin, like the one that diablerized the previous Sheriff, Hector McMillan was behind the assault. Others claimed a Camarilla operative working for Prince Alexander Croft. Sebastian “Bass” Thompson suggested closing down their borders and evicting the Camarilla kindred from their territory. Mark Chambers, however pointed out that this would force the Anarchs to fight the Sabbat themselves. Regardless of the situation, they couldn’t fight a two-front war. As Marder asked for thoughts from those gathered, Ian Hale spoke up, informing his kindred that he had already passed on Marder’s invitation to Black Betty, urging her to move her base of operations to Boston. Comprised of Camarilla survivors and stragglers from the Crusade of Philadelphia, as well as the local Anarchs and Non-Aligned, this measure promises to increase the staying power of the Boston Anarchs by a large degree. In return, Marder promised Black Betty retribution and aid to retake Philadelphia once the situation in Boston is handled. Hale continued, explaining that he had also brought the Philadelphia Chapter of the Lilith’s Get under his sway. And even as they discussed plans for the future, the gun-runners were already on their way to Boston and Anarch territory…

Crossover Program Episode 1
Events of Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Ian Hale met with Marceline Duval regarding a loan for fixing up his domain and aiding his fellow Anarch kindred. Marceline assented, promising to pass the funds along through their mutual friend Finley Darrow.

Lazaro of the Camarilla War Coterie arrived, sharing his information re: local Hunter groups as Ian mentioned concern that his childe, Valeria Bauer’s herd of under-the-bridge vagrants had recently “found god” after The Blind Preacher was seen skulking about.

Marceline and Lazaro offered to help the Anarchs’ own investigation into the growing Hunter threat posed by the Children of God. First things first, Ian introduced the two Malkavians to Josef “The Old Man” Marder. Marceline tried to broker a joint investigation into the Hunter threat between the Camarilla and Anarchs, but Marder was cautious to commit to such an arrangement. He offered Marceline information in-kind, but held firm that the two sects’ investigations should remain discrete. Before bidding the party farewell, Marder reminded Marceline that although he could not support a combined investigation, they were free to enlist the help of any individual Anarchs. The party bid Marder a good evening, but not before he whispered something in Lazaro’s ear.

Marceline and Lazaro were troubled to hear of a recent attack on Ian in his own domain, and offered to assist in good faith. Ian showed his two new associates the scene of the attack. The evidence: a thick metal heavy security door ripped off its hinges, peeled back like so much tin. Without much to go on, the party prepared to retire to Ian’s tattoo parlor to get to know each other. However, Marceline took an errant step across the gaping threshold now laid bare by the security door, and caught a lingering wave of blasphemous longing.

Led into the bowels of Ian’s safehouse, and within a high-security panic room Marceline and Lazaro discovered the remains of an ancient vampire, devoured. In the pile of ash, an overlooked relic: a scarab necklace. Lazaro pointed out that there were no signs of forced entry into the panic room… This mystery would take no small amount of investigation. Ian and Marceline used their powers of perception to gain an inkling into the perpetrator…

Upstairs, Ian displayed his powers of artistry and prophecy as he looked into Marceline’s soul and gave her a custom tattoo to reflect her inner spirit. In the nights to come, she will surely look upon the symbol and gain great insight.


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