The Second Anarch Revolt

It took another 4 centuries for the Anarch Movement to surface anew, to tip askew the order of old and again contend with the elders.

Unlike the first one, the historians are more clear on the details. Hardly surprising, seeing how it was 1944.

Like all those centuries ago, it was again a rebellion sparked by the nefarious actions of the elders that put fire to the kindling.
It began with the killing of Don Sebastian, by the Camarilla appointed Prince of Los Angeles.
It continued with the killings of other elders, and with a few running for their dear unlife the movement turned their eyes to the cities beyond.

‘Liberating’ the coast took little less than three months, and in the vaccuum of kindred order and rule rose the Anarch Free State based on their own laws, that of ‘ the Perfect State’.

The Second Anarch Revolt

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