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In the great war of the Kindred known only as the Jyhad, the victims are many and the winners few. The world’s mightiest undead have fought their secret war for thousands of years, and may continue to fight it for thousands of years to come. In this ageless conflict, Kindred fights Kindred to the final death. Here in Milwaukee, seemingly a footnote in the great battles, events have left the city without a Prince or successor. The city has become a focal point for the interests of many in North America, and the fate of Milwaukee could easily signal a shift in the fight among the Camarilla, Anarchs, Sabbat, and even the Garou.

Milwaukee differs from many places in that there is no sole cause for the intrigues going on in its confines. In fact, it almost seems as though every force in the Jyhad is represented here. Where other areas may be dominated by the battles of two powerful Elders, or the struggles of the Primogen, the war against the Sabbat, or the fights of those wanting to be prince, all of these and more have shaped Milwaukee. It’s a blazing crucible from which only the smartest and strongest can emerge.

You are among the most recent Kindred swept up in currents of change buffeting the city. Are you here to reestablish the Camarilla’s tenuous control or will you destabilize things further and make Milwaukee the newest Free State? Maybe you’re here to burn it all down with the swaggering Sabbat packs? Only time will tell.

Milwaukee By Night is a text-based chronicle for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition in which the characters become embroiled in the political and supernatural goings-on in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The chronicle is part of the Roll 20 By Night (R2BN) community of shared universe chronicles.

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The Rising Stars / Player Characters

Council of Milwaukee

The Primogen Council of Milwaukee lacks a Prince, and only has 6 seats. The Gangrel have not had a place in the council for over twenty years.


Anarch Gangs

The Anarchs have the largest population of any faction in Milwaukee. This makes them very powerful especially because their violent tendencies and strength of numbers means they can carry out their threats. Their primary disadvantage is a lack of unity. If one Anarch gang becomes an enemy, it is often easy to get another gang to become your friend, thus neutralizing the Anarch threat.

The mortal gangs of Milwaukee are controlled by Anarchs. The Blood Brothers and the Union both have control of several mortal street gangs. They use them in battle against each other and to manage the city’s drug trade.

The Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers have a dominant Brujah presence, but also include ghouls and mortals in their ranks. They control West-Downtown.

  • Akawa, Brujah, Warlord, Leader of the Blood Brothers
  • Wrecker, Brujah, Reeve
The Union

The Union is the second largest gang in the city. Like the Blood Brothers, they also include ghouls and mortals in their ranks. Their Kindred are primarily Caitiff. They control East-Downtown.

  • Turk, Caitiff, Warlord, Leader of the Union
The Masks

The Masks are the smallest of the Anarch gangs but their reputation as the murderers of Prince Merik gives them significant influence. They still live in the dead Prince’s mansion as a slap in the face to the Camarilla.

The Devil’s Playthings

A small gang of Nosferatu and ghouls who delve the deep web and have significant influence over Milwaukee’s Public Works.

  • Kristian, Nosferatu, Leader of The Devil’s Playthings
  • Anastasia, Nosferatu, Sweeper

There are a few other Anarch gangs on the streets. They include The Dispossessed (two vampires, six mortals), The Street Kings (one vampire, two ghouls, four mortals) and Warlords (one vampire, four ghouls).

The Anubi

The Anubi is a predominantly Gangrel faction that patrols the outskirts of Milwaukee and fights off Lupines. They avoid participating in internal wars and politics and are fiercely loyal to their commander.

Followers of Set

The Followers of Set opened a small temple in West Downtown and have an secured an alliance with Carna and the Tremere. It is unknown how many followers are in the city, but the temple is maintained by a brother and sister art dealing duo from the Netherlands.


The Milliner’s own and operate a funeral home near Evergreen Cemetery. They mostly keep to themselves, but have made an arrangement with the Anubi for protection.


There may be more Assamites in the city, but Badr-Al-Budur is the only established operative. She lives and works out of a luxury condominium near the University of Milwaukee.


The Ravnos have established and Kindred Underground Railroad route in and out of the city. They are one of the few factions able to bypass the Lupine’s control of the roads.



The Sabbat’s overriding goals are almost completely unknown. What is known is that they like to take control of cities. Once the Sabbat has control, the human populace suffers and Camarilla vampires are killed or driven off. They already hold a number of cities around North America and they wish to control Milwaukee as well because it gives them more direct access to Chicago and the other cities of the Midwest. The current numbers in city limits are unknown.

Dynamic Map

Places of Interest

The Barrens
The Barrens are everywhere in Milwuakee save for Downtown and the Anubi patrolled Outlands. It is mainly home to the Anarchs, who take comfort within and use it as a battlefield to wage gang wars against one another. The Camarilla have little influence there, and simply consider it a buffer zone which separates them from the Outlands. Despite it not being as grandiose as Downtown, the Barrens still contain many attractions. There are feeding grounds all over the city, though most are claimed by other kindred, and there are various night clubs and out-on-the-corner type places designed to attract vampires.

General Mitchell International Airport
This airport is a location garnering significant attention in Milwuakee thanks to the fact that it’s the one of the only safe ways to enter the city. Traveling by land often lands a hapless vampire in Lupine Territory, and those unprepared will wish they’d bought a plane ticket instead. It only takes one night to arrive to Milwuakee by plane, which makes traveling simpler, and allows the Anarchs to keep a good eye on kindred that go in and out of the city.

Timmerman Airport
Unlike Mitchell International, this airport is in the Outlands, a location brimmed with Lupine threats. This causes it to be a lot less useful to kindred, but at the same time assures privacy, which entices the reckless, more courageous, or more paranoid kindred to risk their unlives trying to procure passage using it.

Electric Church
A rave club and kindred attraction. This establishment is owned by a ghoul named Content Not Found: yvonne-vrasks who caters to kindred and kine and who had been known to buy blood directly from Anarchs who are hard-pressed for cash. No one knows much about Vrasks, and no one knows much about her domitor, though rumors persist that he or she is well connected and somewhere in Milwuakee, supporting Vrasks from the shadows. DJ Barth is a regular at the club and is known to put on impromptu performances here as well.

Mount Mary University
Mount Mary is an obscure university, not nationally known but credited for its excellence in the humanities. Its most compelling aspect, however, is the presence of an Occult society known as the Church of Isis. The Church practices a neo-pagan form of magic with a few of them actually possessing true magical talents. Most kindred avoid the college and the Church of Isis all together because some believe that the Church has ties with the Lupines due to their nature worship and the fact that they wander the wilderness often. The Tremere hold them in particular contempt due to their general disdain of mortal magic users.

Marquette University
Closer to Downtown is this peculiar area. Like Mount Mary, it hosts a few bizarre cults, but none are particularly powerful or possess much real talent. However, the real strangeness of the place manifests itself as a confusing “dead zone” which renders Thaumaturgy completely unusable. So far, no kindred has managed to conjure any magical effects, and most hypothesize that it’s not as much of a “Dead Zone” as it is a zone with so much magical energy that it interferes with Thaumaturgy and other types of magic.

Good Hope Road
This road is the farthest area North of the Barrens, and acts as one last point of no return which marks the end of kindred town and the beginning of Lupine country. This road is watched over vigilantly by the Gangrel, as Lupines enjoy the sport of sneaking into the Barrens and introducing final death to hapless Fledglings. Due to the forested nature of the road itself, it is regarded as incredibly dangerous and ripe for Lupine ambushes. Walking across Good Hope and back is considered a medal of honor among the Anarchs, and having “Done Good Hope” five times allows you to call yourself an Ace.

Valhalla Cemetery
South of Good Hope lies this cemetery. In the 20th Century the Camarilla used it as a dueling ground. With its distance from Downtown, however, it has been taken over by the Anarchs, and with it, the hobby of dueling. Nowadays, the Anarchs compete for status and respect by issuing daring duels against one another and meeting on this very cemetery to brandish pistols at one another. If not that, they’ll be studying and exploring the cemetery to gain an edge on their next duel.

US Army Reserve Center
It’s no secret that the FBI use this center for their investigations in Wisconsin. That’s why it’s strictly off limits as per the Council’s decree, and will most likely remain off limits due to what a hot spot it is. It is unknown to the Kindred population whether the FBI has knowledge of their existence, but they wish not to give them any help in figuring it out. For those who wish to venture into it anyway, they’ll find it protected marginally by standard issue barbed wire, cameras, flood lights, guards, and dogs in an attempt to deter inquisitive souls.

Milwuakee County Zoo
With all the stress of the gang wars in Milwuakee, the Anarchs have agreed on a few places in which fighting is prohibited. This Zoo is one such place. While not officially part of Elysium, it does serve as a place of relaxation for most Anarchs (and even some Camarilla) who come here to converse, mellow out, and sample some of the interesting vitae siphoned from the many animals.

Milwuakee Regional Medical Center
Not far from the Zoo is this hangout spot where Anarchs come to feast in the refrigerated blood bank. Some Camarilla fear the danger of this abuse, but Anarchs laugh it off as a brilliant way to stay nourished without going through the trouble of arguing over hunting grounds. Occasionally blood will run low in the ER, and a nurse will come to grab a few more bags. That’s when the real fun begins.

West Milwuakee Park
Another Kindred meeting ground where they host their parties (Brujah are known to hold outdoor raves around these parts especially) and it is considered a Neutral Ground by many. Many peace talks were made (and failed) here and it makes for a good stage to settle differences between Anarchs and Camarilla on the rare occasions when they wish to talk. There are also a few good restaurants around here such as Ken Elliot’s (standard American food), Country Gardens (smorgasbord), and Grenadiers (small, elegant dining.)

The Downtown section of Milwaukee is divided into two halves by the Milwaukee River. The Camarilla controls the Western half, while The Union Anarchs control the Eastern. West-Downtown is the true center of Camarilla culture and where many Camarilla kindred keep their havens. The central hunting grounds of Milwaukee (known as “The Crucible”) lies in this area of the city.

Wisconsin Center
This complex, a Versailles for the rich and elite, has lobbies covered in thick red carpet, and crystal chandeliers glitter overhead. Bright flowers decorate the sidewalks in front of these buildings and increased police patrols keep the less acceptable mortals away. In an lush underground hideaway, Elysium is maintained and it is also where the Primogen Council commonly meets, and thus this is the heart of the Camarilla in the city.

Milwaukee Public Library
The library has a large selection on the occult and magic. There are two sections. One is on the first floor, and the books there are written by charlatans and quacks who have no idea true power exists, but the there is a small group of books, no longer listed in the system, on dark, musty shelves in the basement, that hold insights for kindred readers. This level is filled with nothing but old, discarded books that no longer hold mainstream interest. They have not been checked out for years and have been moved to the lowest floor to make room for the new, popular books.

Missing Persons
Colorful, multi-tiered dance club featuring 30-foot ceilings, big screens, and plenty of night owls. Missing Persons is a popular place for mortal and immortal alike. It tends to play a variety of music, appealing to many tastes and the crowd rarely gets too wild. Missing Persons has a crowd of several hundred every night. Kindred friendly owners allow for mixed patronage, but frown upon feeding on site. Kindred often lure their prey from the club to nearby Pere Marquette Park.

Deadman’s Party
This dance club in East-Downtown represents the spirit of the Anarchs. It plays nothing but neo-punk, and serves drinks that could be considered borderline poison in regards to alcohol levels. But the real cherry on top is that it has recently become one of the most prominently visited location by Akawa’s Boys. The nights here are rowdy, rough, and full of music and high-octane conflict. The police are called on a nearly night-to-night basis.

Arabian Nights
For some, the loudness and rowdiness of Deadman’s Party is too much. Arabian Nights is a better place to relax, get away from all the anarchy, and have a quiet dinner. There’s arabian-themed decor, slow dancing, and mellow lighting. It’s a great place to take a date, and a great place for the more “civil” vampires to congregate. The same way Deadman’s Party has become a fan favorite of the Anarchs, Arabian Nights has become the Camarilla’s favorite lounge to content themselves with soft music and elegance.

Buzzy spy-themed hideaway features creative cocktails and casual fare in a quirky, dimly lit interior.

LaCage Niteclub
Gay club with multiple bars, dance floors, and video screens. Big-name DJs and a dynamic sound system keep the dance floor pumping. Owned by DJ Barth.

42 Lounge
Geeky nightclub with playable gaming consoles, barcraft, cosplay events, and gaming-themed cocktails.

The Rose and the Harp
Exclusive, swanky hotel bar with a fireplace, solid walnut bar, and exclusive big name art on the wall. Owned by Louis Detonas.

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