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Status Perfectus
The Red Question
1st Anarch Revolt
2nd Anarch Revolt
Revolutionary Council
Siege of LA
The Freep

The Rising Stars of Anarchy

The Supporting Pillars of the Production

  • Cherry Edwards, a fledgling and sister of Devin Edwards
  • Amy Dalton, a practicing physician from Boston, now in the retinue of Ian Hale
  • Macy, the staunch companion of Cat
  • Abigail, the ghoul manager of the Judas Theater
  • Francesco Giovanni, loving husband of Lilian
  • Ramsey Beck, the secretive tech whiz and owner of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center of Baldwin Park
  • Annabella de Luna, the thrill seeking sire of Ian Hale
  • Steve Dave, the President of the Lilith’s Get MC
  • Michio Isanagi, exotic gunslinger/information dealer

The Barony of the Angels

The Northwestern Baronies

The Central Baronies

The Northeastern Baronies

The Coastal Baronies

Researchers of the Movement

Prominent Kindred and The Outlying Baronies

To add:

Solomon’s Haven
1956 Gang Council, Formation of the Baronies
Watts Riots
The Terminal

Los Angeles Portal

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