Creating or editing your character

So, there’ll be two instances a player would be interested in the “characters”-feature of the wiki and that’s: Adding their own character or updating character bio (or relevant character bios).

In the former case, this is how you do it:

Hit the “plus” for creating a new character.

The second part is quite self-explanatory. Fill in details of your character.
NOTE: The ‘gender’ option reverts to male constantly.
NOTE: ‘Slug’ is the URL for the particular character’s page – if empty it will be the character’s name.

The important tags are:

  • PC (Player Character)
  • NPC (Non-Player Character)
  • Your clan (Brujah, caitiff, unknown)
  • Ghoul (If that applies)
  • Possible affiliations (“Rabble”, “Primogen” etc.)

Please follow the structure of the form submitted when you started the game (with any edits, of course) in the ‘Description’ box.
Biography is up to you to fill, do remember ALL players can read this.

And then, lastly, you hit “Create” in the bottom of the page!

Editing a character

Like editing a page, look for the small pen-icon next to the name of the character you wish to edit.

Then, simply edit the text (or image) as needed and then hit “Save” in the bottom of the page.

Creating or editing your character

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