Central Baronies

A patchwork region rivaling The Barony of the Angels for kindred population, although the final tally is an unknown figure. This region is highly volatile, as it is contains both The Crypt’s Sons and El Hermandad, baronies which are locked in rivalry and gang warfare.

In addition, the Barony of Whittier is lead by Gloria Martinez, who heavily supports Salvador Garcia.

While the Barony of Covina would probably ally with El Hermandad should out-and-out war with the Crypt’s Sons ensue, it is not ruled by a Baron, but by a coterie who generally act independently. The past has shown that when push comes to shove, they support each other.

The area known as The Wilds lie on the Eastern edge of the Central Baronies, and are sparsely populated, dotted with hills and forest. It is in this area that a group of Gangrel have staked their territory, and rarely involve themselves in politics. Not much is known about this coterie, but they are clearly quite powerful.

Central Baronies

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