Tag: Setite


  • Eddie Money

    A slick, suave man! Eddie Money runs The Golden Apple, a delirious club that caters to... rarefied tastes. Eddie is dark and Mediterranean in appearance, and has a fondness for expensive clothing, food, drink.... and more.

  • Clarice "Junkyard Dog" Samwell

    Clarice Samwell had a happy life, until she was widowed by the Battle of Gettysburg. Forced to take upon herself the gargantuan burden of managing her family's plantation, Clarice was well attended by advisors who ensured the success of "Thistledew." As …

  • Davin Holm

    Davin is the guardian of the local Setite Temple. His huge size and strength have been fine warning and even the most rowdy Anarchs steer clear of the place.