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  • TextRP Portal

    h3. *Welcome to Milwaukee!* In the great war of the Kindred known only as the Jyhad, the victims are many and the winners few. The world's mightiest undead have fought their secret war for thousands of years, and may continue to fight it for thousands …

  • Edward Scott

    Scott is the Brujah Primogen, but he has a tremendous amount of influence with the Anarchs. He has friends among both the Union and the Blood Brothers, though he does not get along very well with either Turk or Akawa. The two gang leaders listen to him, …

  • Gracis Nostinus

    Gracis is an active member of the Council and is the closest thing they have to a chairman. He can usually count on three of the six votes at any given time, so he can force stalemates. He would like a Ventrue to become Prince so he can push the Ventrue …

  • Lucina

    Lucina is without a doubt the dominant member of the Toreador clan in Milwaukee. She is also a powerful force in Council. She and [[:edward-scott | Sir Edward Scott]] (Brujah) are constantly at each other’s throats, and her hatred of the Anarchs is …

  • Carna

    Carna is the current Regent and Primogen of Clan Tremere in Milwaukee and one-time Prince of Marseilles. Once a strong voice in the Council, she's become distracted and unsure in the years following Prince Merik's death.

  • Jason

    Jason seems to have very little direct influence over anybody, but he is a member of the Council, and so, in many ways he has immense power. He is always willing to listen to anybody’s questions or requests about Council meetings, and some Kindred feel …

  • Akawa

    Akawa is an Anarch Warlord who has complete control of the Blood Brothers gang, giving him an enormous amount of power in the city.

  • Wrecker

    Wrecker has very little influence even among the Blood Brothers because of his wild (and stupid) nature. However, he has provided Akawa with much-needed muscle in desperate times (the reason for his Embrace), and the gang leader looks out for him.

  • Turk

    The entire Union is controlled by Turk. The second largest gang in the city, the Union has been losing to the Blood Brothers, but still has substantial power. Also, Turk’s Sire is Gengis, an Anarch of same standing in Chicago.

  • Mark Decker

    Decker's influence covers the dozen or so Kindred under his control in the Anubi, the warrior group that defends Milwaukee from Lupine raids. They will die for him. He also has substantial power in the Police Department. Many policemen like Decker and …

  • Thomas Gerhieren

    Thomas has some serious influence in the Anubi. He would likely be the next leader should Decker die. If for any reason Decker is killed, Thomas and the Anubi will seek bloody revenge. They are all fiercely loyal to their commander.

  • Julia Calvin

    Julia is quite a warrior. She has earned a lot of respect in the Anubi and is a veteran of many skirmishes. She's known to have criminal and prostitute contacts and allies around the city who can help her out.

  • Hrothulf

    Hrothulf was once Prince of the city, long ago, and many think he should take up that mantle again but he's old, tired, and battle-weary.

  • Badr-al-Budur

    Badr has little direct influence on the city poltics; however, both the Anarchs and Camarilla of the city know, respect, and fear her deadly skills.

  • Davin Holm

    Davin is the guardian of the local Setite Temple. His huge size and strength have been fine warning and even the most rowdy Anarchs steer clear of the place.

  • Dagny Holm

    Dagny is the priestess of the local Setite Temple operating in downtown Milwaukee. She has a known alliance with [[:carna | Carna]], the Tremere Primogen.

  • William Milliner

    The Giovanni interests in Milwaukee are unclear and their numbers are small. The maintain a funeral home near Evergreen Cemetery and have made a pact with [[:mark-decker | Mark Decker]] and the Anubi for protection.

  • Caitlyn Milliner

    The Giovanni interests in Milwaukee are unclear and their numbers are small. The maintain a funeral home near Evergreen Cemetery and have made a pact with [[:mark-decker | Mark Decker]] and the Anubi for protection.

  • Victor

    Victor's role with the Milwaukee Chantry is unclear but he's often seen looming behind Carna like a corporate firing consultant. She's never at ease in his company, that much is obvious. In the past, he's been an agent of the Tremere that travels to …

  • Louis Detonas

    Louis is well thought of by local Camarilla and seems to be friends with Gracis and Lucina. He has been in Milwaukee longer than almost any of the other Kindred, and knows much of what goes on and has gone on in the city. He's currently serving as Lucina' …

  • DJ Barth

    Barth has hordes of influence over the young mortals of Milwaukee and some influence with the Anarchs who like his music. Additionally, Barth is on very good terms with Lucina and the other Toreador in the city.

  • Kristian

    Kristian is the leader of The Devil's Playthings, an Anarch Nosferatu gang. He is rarely seen however, as he prefers to conduct business online or through intermediaries.

  • Anastasia

    Anastasia is a member of the Anarch Nosferatu gang called The Devil's Playthings. She's [[:kristian | Kristian]]'s right hand and currently operates as an Anarch Sweeper.

  • Jacob

    Nobody knows Jacob's clan or role in city politics. He acts like a kindly grandfather to those that know him, but mostly keeps to himself in a private mansion in Greendale.

  • Esau

    Esau lives in a flashy, expensive downtown condo but doesn't seem to have a role in Camarilla politics. He has been seen spending time with The Mask's leader, [[:warren-morrison | Warren Morrison]] in recent nights.

  • Zaire "Zed" Fuza

    Zaire, or "Zed" as he's known to his pack, is a former child soldier from the Congo. The horrors of his upbring desensitized him to violence and he was a hardened soldier even before his embrace. Now he serves as a Paladin charged with protecting [[: …

  • Marisol Diaz

    Marisol was expendable. She was part of a mass embrace and destined to die as cannon fodder, except she didn't. Turns out she's a scrapper and won't go quietly into final death. If she keeps it up, she'll be True Sabbat before long.

  • Wolfgang Vendel

    Wolfgang is a City Gangrel who doesn't like to venture into the wilderness. He's never had a job or had to work very hard for anything, but he's good with computers and his sire had a need for someone with his skills. He's as lazy after the embrace as he …

  • Caliban

    Caliban is sniveling and petty, more beast than man. He's got an encyclopedic knowledge of Sabbat rituals and the occult. Before his embrace he was a brainwashed cultist and he serves the sect with the same blind zeal.

  • Warren Morrison

    Warren is a prolific science fiction writer and has published books under many pen names over the years. He also happens to be the leader of the Anarch gang (The Masks) that murdered Prince Merik 15 years ago. He and his gang live in Merik's mansion and …

  • Ellis Griffin

    Ellis is an Anarch street tough, through and through. She doesn't take any shit and you have to earn her respect. She's a respected enforcer and has been known to fight alongside the Anubi, but isn't one of them.

  • "Savage" Hiroshi Matsu

    Hiroshi has studied martial arts his whole life and was a rising star in MMA before his embrace. He's exceptionally well-versed in multiple fighting styles and is known to train Anarchs at his Mixed Martial Arts Gym, The Savage Garden.

  • Alita "Voidstrider" Alverez

    West Coast Anarchs asked Alita “Why do you obey?” And her answer was to flee her Chantry and run off to Milwaukee with her on and off again Malkavian lover, [[:warren-morrison | Warren Morrison]]. She's been setting both the internet and Kindred society …

  • Parovich

    Parovich has tremendous influence in Council and is one of the most powerful Kindred in the city. Nearly all fear him and few are brave enough to venture anywhere near his underground labyrinth of sewers and tunnels.

  • Milosh

    Milosh isn't really a resident of Milwaukee, he's just a frequent visitor. He coyotes vampires in and out of the city for a fee.

  • Madelyn Crofte

    "_I am proud to serve as the 51st District Attorney of Milwaukee County. Our prosecutors, investigators and support staff members are among the nation’s best. We protect the residents of Milwaukee County by prosecuting violent and dangerous criminals. We …

  • John Natas

    John was born at the birth of computers and with technological progression so did he. As time when on he learned all he could in the world of Information and became a tech Guru and with a terminal in front can do almost anything. When he was a young man …

  • Red Moxie

    Red Moxie chose her own name when she first set out from Tortuga for a life of crime on the high seas of the Caribbean ocean, reveling in the Golden Age of Piracy alongside plenty of other would-be sailors out to make their destiny. She cut down many in …

  • Edwin Carraway

    A physical therapist by training, Edwin was a relatively unexceptional man. He worked as a bail bondsman in Albany, NY for a bit, and occasionally returned to the job when he needed the money. This is how he met his sire, a woman named Elizabeth. …

  • Sebastiaan Van den Enden

    Sebastiaan Van den Enden was a Dutch merchant working for the Dutch East India Company in the 1650s. Raised in a family of merchants, Sebastiaan carried on the tradition with great success. Despite having a disabled leg due to a childhood illness — most …

  • Harvey Sullivan

    Harvey is a strange case in The Devil's Playthings. Left the Amish community he grew in after the embrace and doesn't seem to have a big understanding of technology yet. Harvey's dogs: Oscar, Sadie, Charlie and Winston [[File:689139 | class= …

  • Siegmund

    Little is known of Siegmund, childe of Hrothulf, as he was only recently reintroduced into the vampire community.

  • Jördis Levi

    [[File:691780 | class=media-item-align-none | Karoline.jpg]] Jördis Levi was born in Munich, Germany on September 10th 1984. Jördis was raised in Munich, nevertheless she spent prolonged periods of time in Tel-Aviv, connecting with her father’s …