Tag: Human


  • Dick Conchlin

    Employed by the city in an investigatory capacity. Paid a visit to Hiram James after a particularly bad rash of electrical fires in the neighborhood

  • Steve Dave

    President of [[:lilith-s-get-motorcycle-club | Lilith’s Get Motorcycle Club]], [[:joe | Joe's]] old Outlaw Motorcycle Club, now operating out of Los Angeles. Steve Dave is a man of many vices but he stands up for his people no matter what. He knows his …

  • Reverend Leon Cutler

    Recently ascended leader of [[The Blood | The Blood,]] and fiercely believes in the original charter, opposing [[:mohammed-al-muthlim | Mohammed al-Muthlim]] and [[ The Crypt's Sons | Crypt's Sons]] every step of the way. In the name of community and …

  • Lilith’s Get Motorcycle Club

    *Founder:* [[:joe | Joe Booker]] - Joe is loyal, gruff and tough as nails. He served as a tunnel rat in the war and the horror of it still lurks in his eyes. Retired, he can no longer ride his motorcycle due to arthritis. *President:* [[:steve-dave-1 | …