Tag: Ghoul


  • Amy Dalton

    Attending physician at Boston Medical Center, transferred from Massachusetts General under dubious circumstances. She is a gifted doctor with great bedside manner, although she has been prone to loss of attention span, trance-like states, and mood …

  • Joe Booker

    [[:ian-hale | Ian Hale]]'s ghoul. Joe is loyal, gruff, and tough as nails. He served as a tunnel rat in the Vietnam and the horror of it still lurks in his eyes. Retired MC Founder, he can no longer ride his motorcycle due to arthritis.

  • Zohra Massi

    Lebanese-American former professional dancer and Harvard B school grad. [[:marceline-duval | Marceline]]'s ghoul retainer.

  • Pervis Montgomery

    Pervis Montgomery is a 3rd shift janitor at a local college. His free time is split between studying tracts and trolling the internet for irrefutable proof of UFOs, etc. etc. Has a connection to the Children of God sect which has yet to be thoroughly …

  • Todd Jacobs

    He'd tell you he's [[:hugo-farling | Hugo Farling]]'s "head of security." Whatever. You know what he is. He's a bouncer. Might be he's not the only one on duty. Might also be he's packing heat.... But come on, he's a bouncer, just the same.

  • Winchester Grant

    Art Director of the prestigious Isabella Gardner Museum. In charge of reviewing exhibitions and admitting new pieces. Has been seen consorting with known bookie, [[:slumdog-pillionaire | Slumdog Pillionaire]].

  • Karl "Rattail" Tyler

    A long time hanger-on of the court of [[:alexander-croft | Alexander Croft,]] Karl "Rattail" Tyler is brash, confident, and an expert marksman. Prefers to execute contracts at extreme range with high-tech and costly materiel, however when the fight gets …

  • Murray & Alexis Goldfarb

    Kindred managers of [[A Taste of LA | A Taste of LA.]] They frequently welcome new kindred into the city, providing a safe place for them to stay until they can get up on their feet. They are believers in the ideas of Anarchy through and through, having …

  • John Natas

    John was born at the birth of computers and with technological progression so did he. As time when on he learned all he could in the world of Information and became a tech Guru and with a terminal in front can do almost anything. When he was a young man …