Tag: Caitiff


  • Rose

    Stunning member of [[:amethyst | Amethyst's]] coterie. In life, she was Meredith Brannon, accomplished teen beauty pageant winner. Now, she puts her charisma to good use for the Barony of Santa Ana. Is usually seen in the company of Marc "Zipper" …

  • Marc "Zipper" Perleman

    Childe of [[:rose | Rose,]] Zipper is an accomplished hacker, and even as a mortal, committed to the cause of spreading Anarchy. Forced into hiding after his success at hacking the Pentagon, [[:amethyst | Amethyst]] took notice of him, and recognizing …

  • Turk

    The entire Union is controlled by Turk. The second largest gang in the city, the Union has been losing to the Blood Brothers, but still has substantial power. Also, Turk’s Sire is Gengis, an Anarch of same standing in Chicago.