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  • Anarch Episode 13

    *Painted in Flames, All Peeling Thunder* [[:hiram | Hiram]] headed to [[:pervis-montgomery | Pervis Montgomery's]] place, and put his foot down. It was time for Pervis to finally clean up his apartment. Heading out to get supplies and beer, Hiram …

  • Anarch Episode 14

    Ian, Finley, Duncan, Tabitha, and Hiram went to Dorchester in a van, which caught a fuel line leak, and fought a few members of the Harbor Point Bloods. Duncan raised his pistol to the air and stopped the tussle with a deafening shot. After learning …

  • Yen Ai Vu

    *History*: * Was born to a couple in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1930. * Moved to Los Angeles, CA at the age of two. * Lived an affluent life and was well educated. * Was turned while attending college and pursuing a degree in computer science. * Pretends to …

  • Tobias Rainer

    *Age:* 94 *Apparent age:* 19 *Clan:* Toreador *Generation:* 13th *Hair:* Dark Auburn *Eyes*: Hazel *Tattoos:* _Everywhere._ Holds domain in the middle of the Hollywood Hills, "The Judas Theater" is a hotspot for Kindred desiring a neutrality away …

  • Pandora

    1652, a screaming girl is brought into the world and placed into bondage, her screams echoing across the dungeon-esque environment she was being brought into life as. Her human mother was a slave to a mighty lord who was also a vampire. A Tzimisce, and a …

  • Akawa

    Akawa is an Anarch Warlord who has complete control of the Blood Brothers gang, giving him an enormous amount of power in the city.

  • Wrecker

    Wrecker has very little influence even among the Blood Brothers because of his wild (and stupid) nature. However, he has provided Akawa with much-needed muscle in desperate times (the reason for his Embrace), and the gang leader looks out for him.

  • Turk

    The entire Union is controlled by Turk. The second largest gang in the city, the Union has been losing to the Blood Brothers, but still has substantial power. Also, Turk’s Sire is Gengis, an Anarch of same standing in Chicago.

  • Kristian

    Kristian is the leader of The Devil's Playthings, an Anarch Nosferatu gang. He is rarely seen however, as he prefers to conduct business online or through intermediaries.

  • Anastasia

    Anastasia is a member of the Anarch Nosferatu gang called The Devil's Playthings. She's [[:kristian | Kristian]]'s right hand and currently operates as an Anarch Sweeper.

  • Warren Morrison

    Warren is a prolific science fiction writer and has published books under many pen names over the years. He also happens to be the leader of the Anarch gang (The Masks) that murdered Prince Merik 15 years ago. He and his gang live in Merik's mansion and …

  • Ellis Griffin

    Ellis is an Anarch street tough, through and through. She doesn't take any shit and you have to earn her respect. She's a respected enforcer and has been known to fight alongside the Anubi, but isn't one of them.

  • "Savage" Hiroshi Matsu

    Hiroshi has studied martial arts his whole life and was a rising star in MMA before his embrace. He's exceptionally well-versed in multiple fighting styles and is known to train Anarchs at his Mixed Martial Arts Gym, The Savage Garden.

  • Alita "Voidstrider" Alverez

    West Coast Anarchs asked Alita “Why do you obey?” And her answer was to flee her Chantry and run off to Milwaukee with her on and off again Malkavian lover, [[:warren-morrison | Warren Morrison]]. She's been setting both the internet and Kindred society …

  • Harvey Sullivan

    Harvey is a strange case in The Devil's Playthings. Left the Amish community he grew in after the embrace and doesn't seem to have a big understanding of technology yet. Harvey's dogs: Oscar, Sadie, Charlie and Winston [[File:689139 | class= …