Sister Julia has a petite figure and slightly above average height, with her 121 lbs stretched over ove a 5’6" frame. Her back long hair straight hair frames a perfectly oval face, with unblemished rosy caucasian skin tone that holds a healthy glow to it. She always sports a weak friendly smile. Her thinly plucked eyebrows are shaped into a deceivingly perfect arch that followes the slight curve of her eyes. Her voice is soft and friendly.

Sister Julia is wearing a simple dark blue ankle length dress, a black veil and a white wimple, the front of her hair clearing showing from underneath the veil. She is wearing a pair of leather tip loafers with tassels on her feet.


She grew up with her family, father, mother and little brother. Her father is a rather successful business figure, who was a sociopath. To him, the family was a prestige project to demonstrate just how good and awesome he was. A tool to impress his bosses and always get that next promotion.
Her mother is a socialite who never worked a single day in her life, beautiful, vain and a gold digger. If she ever hated being a commodity for her husband, she has never mentioned it. Seemingly, it did not matter how many times she had to act as a high-class prostitute for her husband’s ambitions.

My character was born into a life, where she always had to be just perfect, seen not heard, greet every guest just the right way, be an exemplar of good behavior. She would be severely punished both physically and mentally if she failed her father’s expectations. Not that this was in any way different for her mother, or little brother.

She always had the right friends at school, the best money could buy! Likewise, for her education there was spared no expense, but everyone had nigh impossible expectations for every little single test. As she grew older, and devolved a female figure, she learned to use this to her advantage. A warm smile here, an innocent giggle there, or the correct pick of clothing. Her mother was an excellent source of information, and gladly wanted to teach her little girl how to use “your best attributes” to your advantage.

As the years passed, she was also forced into her father’s schemes, willingly or not. Taking part in perversions, no one should take part in. When she passed University entrance level (It’s… impossibly to translate what part of the schooling system this is exactly, but schooling that ends around being 20 years old), she successfully convinced her parents to skip a year, to travel the world, before starting university. She spends this time to party everywhere part of the globe, alcohol, drugs, sex whatever and whoever she could get her hands on. However, when the rush would die down she would feel hollow and empty inside, a hole she filled up with more crazy parties. Until one early morning, night or whatever it was…

She woke up in a cluster of people; the smell of all sort of debauchery was hanging heavily in the air. She made her way to the bathroom, but she could not recognize the girl in the mirror, sure, she knew it was herself, but something was off, something was broken… something she could not quite put her finger on. At that moment, like the flip of a switch, everything inside her was destroyed; she shattered the mirror and ran into the streets, bleeding from her hands, screaming. She did not know where but she needed to get away from everything, somewhere…

She woke up in a small room, not much there, a bed, a desk, simple décor. Shortly after a woman, dressed as nun came her. She revealed that was a nun, and that some of the sisters had found her, collapsed in front of the monastery, bleeding. They had patched her up, and considering her smell, thought she needed a helping hand.

She joins the convent and starts her postulancy. And then the fun starts…

Where were the character born?
Vedbæk, Rudersdal, Denmark.

Who are the parents?
Clara (Mother) & Asbjørn (Father)

Are they alive and are there more?
Yes, they are alive, and for the moment not expecting Camilla/Valeria to return home for another 1½ year. Its a party in the USA!

She also have a little brother, who disappeared after “coming out the closet”. Didnt fit in with fathers prestige project.

What was (s)he doing before?
Before traveling to the USA for a sabbat (vacation) year, she was 100% devoted to studies and serving her fathers ambitions.

Why leave it all?
To get away from everything, and drink away sorrows.

What did (s)he leave behind?
Despite not being the poster example of a good mother, she misses her mother a lot.

What does your character want?
To gain the confidence and backbone to be her own person. Someone who has defined herself, not just be a accessory.


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