Tobias Rainer

Club proprietor and embodiment of the nightlife. All are welcome, so long as they stay in line.


Age: 94
Apparent age: 19
Clan: Toreador
Generation: 13th
Hair: Dark Auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Tattoos: Everywhere.

Holds domain in the middle of the Hollywood Hills, “The Judas Theater” is a hotspot for Kindred desiring a neutrality away from the politicking of the night.


The Revolt and Modern Nights -

Tobias was born into the Kindred family on the doorstep of the Anarch Revolt during its first rumblings in 1943. What is known of his human life is that he claims to have been an immigrant from the far east at the cusp of World War 2. Everything beyond is blurred in falsehoods and deserted trails. Whatever is left of his past is buried deep in the ground, and the tales and rumors that can be gleamed from it only he chooses to share. While his name was circling through Kindred circles at the forefront of the revolt, he’d treaded on Camarilla ground without a sire to speak for him nor any show of permission for his creation. Being lumped in on the Anarch side of the revolt was as much of a passion as it was necessity during his fledgling years. As a fledgling even still, his part in the revolt was that of a courier and a ward to the elder and the warriors on the front lines, which he has found quite a bit of pride in after his staunch participation.

Eventually the free states had finally come into fruition as not just a concept, but a reality. Tobias faded from the public light during this period of time, more often than not either cast into irrelevancy with his fledgling peers or simply apathetic of making any waves for himself. This lasted for decades as he sat in the front row for the birth and trials that the free state went through in its first decades of existence. The rise and fall of Barons, gang wars, racial violence and riots, all of these palpitations of a new civilization taking hold.

It wasn’t until the 1990s rolled around that Tobias saw his ‘grand’ re-entrance into the Anarch circle. In the time between the then and the new millenia, Tobias was often found circulating the disenfranchised kin and the godfathers of the revolt alike. His voice was loud, and when people tuned him out, he just got louder. He built a reputation piece by piece with the advantage of seniority in the free states backing his bravado. He was not afraid to speak up and remained humble enough to know when to sit down and shut up at that. He’s made friends, but he’s probably made more enemies at this point.

In present times, Tobias has consolidated his own power and ideology into the booming club known as The Judas Theater. It is there that he offers a sense of “true neutrality” into the free states. No underhanded actions, no subliminal messages, no allegiance to anyone but yourself. These are the principles on which he’s built his own corner of the world as he offers refuge to any and all of the Kindred night life that will respect them. The Anarchs cannot survive without true unity behind them, and the Judas is just the place to launch his own concept of unity to all souls willing to listen.

Tobias Rainer

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