Name: Tabitha (Unknown Surname)
Age: She’s been around the block in the vampire world…
Apparent Age: Mid to Late 20’s.
Original Nationality: Southern Ireland
Skin: Pale Caucasian
Eyes: Amber Gold that almost shines in the dark, animalistic in look and intensity.
Hair: Natural Bright Red Hair
Dress: Usually one piece hoodie or witch clothes (gothic witchy stuff)


Distinguishing Marks: On her left wrist is a pentagram tattoo that is made out of vines, on her right wrist is a strung bow and arrow representing the moon and artemis.
Misc – Not much is known about her other than a few have figured out her clan, she’s quite the listener and always makes time for those who have time for her. She knows much, not just about the occult, but about the community in general. Always listening, watching, waiting… For what? No one knows.


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