Sebastiaan Van den Enden

And old Ventrue recently awakened from torpor


Sebastiaan appears as an elderly white man, at least in his sixties. His hair is white, his eyes pale blue. His left leg is atrophied a bit, though you can’t tell immediately by sight. It is only when he begins to walk that his pronounced limp becomes apparent. He carries a silver tipped, antique cane to aid him in walking. He is always well dressed in subdued formal clothing.


Sebastiaan Van den Enden was a Dutch merchant working for the Dutch East India Company in the 1650s. Raised in a family of merchants, Sebastiaan carried on the tradition with great success. Despite having a disabled leg due to a childhood illness — most likely polio — Sebastiaan managed to build and oversee his trade enterprises through his masterful manipulation and employment of underlings. Indeed, from his seat in Nieuw Haarlem, Sebastiaan came to dominate sea trade coming into and out of the young city.

In the 1660s, things changed. After the Second Anglo-Dutch war, New Amsterdam passed over to England and become New York. Trade became more difficult to manage, as the new colonial government was hostile to his Dutch enterprises, favoring British interests over his.

So Sebastiaan undertook to keep himself in power. Through a series of bribes — or, failing that, assassinations — Sebastiaan almost managed to wrest complete financial control of New York. Almost. For his ambitious and well-executed plans brought the notice of another figure, recently arrived in the colony.

Henry Cavendish, the Second Duke of Newcastle, had arrived on behalf of the Camarilla to oversee the Kindred side of the transition to British rule. The dignified Ventrue was amazed by how successfully the lame Dutchman had manipulated the city. Upon visiting him to discuss business, he decided that the Dutchman would make an excellent addition to the burgeoning British Camarilla presence in New York, and so, after a time, he embraced him.

For the next century, Sebastiaan continued, much as he had before, though now he served new corporate interests. When war broke out between the colonies and England, however, Sebastiaan chose the wrong side. Those Kindred who supported England were under attack. His benefactor Cavendish had fled. As a Tory, he was soon targeted by the pro-independence members of the Camarilla. After a long and bitter political struggle, he was finally removed from a position of power within the city.

His defeat was complete when a Blood Hunt was issued for him. He nearly met his final death when an upstart young Brujah, hoping to make a name for himself, attacked him in an alley and nearly put him into torpor. Sebastiaan managed to escape, hiding in the basement of a nearby warehouse, where he fell into torpor, his blood spent.

Over two centuries later, the warehouse was being demolished and rebuilt, when his body was discovered — just after dusk, fortunately. The foreman called the police and his body ended up in the morgue, where the coroner — a ghoul working for the prince, a Ventrue named Michaela — recognized what he had on his hands.

At the prince’s orders, Sebastiaan was revived. It was 1993. The Prince at the time was in need of all the help she could get in fighting the Sabbat. Just as Sebastiaan came out of torpor, however, the Sabbat murdered the Prince and held total control of the city. Sebastian, not being known by many, was able to slip out of the city. He headed west and, following a tip from an acquaintance, ended up in Milwaukee. Since then, Sebastian has laid low, getting familiar with the 20th — and now 21st — Centuries.

He’s been a venture pawn, a target of a Blood Hunt, and caught in the crossfire of a war. Now Sebastiaan hopes to change his fortune. He hopes to take control. Now, he has begun to venture out into Kindred society, hoping to make a name for himself again — and hoping that Blood Hunts have a… statute of limitations.

Sebastiaan Van den Enden

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