Red Moxie

Former Sabbat granted probationary membership of the fine Camarilla.


Clan: Malkavian

Age: 325
Apparent Age: 26
Date of birth: June 10th, 1676
Date of Embrace: 1702
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’9

Notable Features: Left eye is missing and covered with a patch.



Red Moxie chose her own name when she first set out from Tortuga for a life of crime on the high seas of the Caribbean ocean, reveling in the Golden Age of Piracy alongside plenty of other would-be sailors out to make their destiny. She cut down many in her time at the head of a wheel and soon grew from captaining a 10 man sailboat to capturing a frigate of her own. Sailors of many nations recounted stories of a crimson banner flying beneath the classic Jolly Roder, more often than not followed by their own flag of surrender.

She was embraced after her glory days came to a screeching halt when her ship was ambushed in the night by a rival warship. With blood pouring from her mouth as flames raged among the corpses of her dead, she was greeted by the shadow of a smiling man dressed in all red. She was embraced into the family of the night as Malkavian and promptly placed into a fledgling pack of Sabbat much like her.

What followed was decades of chaos on the high seas at their beck and call even after all of her predecessors had met their end.

She’s recently made landfall after several years with the lives of her pack in tow. She sent them into Camarilla hands in exchange for her own stay in their governance. She makes no effort to hide what she is or what she was.

Red Moxie

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