Madelyn Crofte

Tall, blonde, easy on the eyes with a professional and stylish taste in clothing


Age: 85
Date of Birth: 06-28-1932
Embrace date: 05-05-1955
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 130lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Pale Blue
Clan: Tremere

Description: Madelyn is an attractive woman with girlish looks. Her face is angular but soft, still possessing the baby fat of one’s youth. Her blonde hair is flowing and naturally very tamed, like the rest of her appearance. She stands above average at her height but her love of six inch heels makes her seem like a towering statuesque authority figure.


I am proud to serve as the 51st District Attorney of Milwaukee County. Our prosecutors, investigators and support staff members are among the nation’s best. We protect the residents of Milwaukee County by prosecuting violent and dangerous criminals. We also assist crime victims and provide community resources. As the leader of the state’s largest local prosecutorial office, I am committed to maintaining public safety and seeking justice for all. The mission of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office is to promote public peace and safety by just and vigorous prosecution; to seek and to do impartial justice by ensuring that the guilty are punished and the innocent go free; to protect the health and welfare of children who are victims of child abuse and neglect; and to safeguard the rule of law and to promote citizens’ participation in law enforcement by treating all persons who come in contact with the criminal justice system with fairness, dignity, and respect.” -Website of the Milwaukee District Attorney

Madelyn Crofte

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