Lilith’s Get Motorcycle Club

Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Gunrunners


Lilith’s Get Motorcycle Club was founded in the 1970s after Joe Booker and some of his Marine Corps buddies returned from serving in Vietnam. Originally a gunrunning charter based out of Philadelphia, PA, they are now a nomad outfit following exiled gang leader Ian Hale.



Founder: Joe Booker – Joe is loyal, gruff and tough as nails. He served as a tunnel rat in the war and the horror of it still lurks in his eyes. Retired, he can no longer ride his motorcycle due to arthritis.
President: Steve Dave – Steve Dave is a man of many vices but he stands up for his people no matter what. He knows his guns. Former big rig trucker.
Vice President: Sam Morgan – Sam is intense; he’s all business, all the time and a great mechanic. Builds custom motorcycles from scratch.
Treasurer: Conner Ford – Conner is funny and wicked smart. He’s a computer nut and handles the club’s money.
Sgt. At Arms: Wyatt Lynch – Wyatt is a gunslinging wild man who is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.
Enforcer: Zoe Crane – Zoe is a rocker roadie turned outlaw. She prides herself on being the toughest of the bunch and when she fights, she’s all heart.
Unholy One (title for Kindred members): Ian Hale

Lilith’s Get Motorcycle Club

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