Lilian Vanessa Giovanni-Rosselini

Erotic, enticing and enchanting...all without uttering a single word. Promises of carnal pleasures seem always present upon her pouty lips. When she opens her mouth to say hi, your heart skips a beat. You didn't even know it could do that anymore.


Age: 35 (Appears early twenties)
Date of Birth: 06-28-1980
Embrace date: 12-15-2001
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Clan: Giovanni
Generation: 15th
Sire: Unknown

Description: Lilian possesses striking, sensual features and was born with pseudo albinism. Her skin is pale but possesses a healthy glow other kindred might find odd. Her bright blue eyes are large and possess a certain innocence. This, coupled with her slender figure and modelesque height, has earned her the moniker, Angel of Hidden Hills.


Lilian Vanessa Giovanni-Rosselini is a woman of sophistication and allure. She comes from old banking and mob money. Her family, being one of the most powerful banking families in the world, has a storied and rich history. Though that doesn’t mean she isn’t a woman of her own making. Of course her privilege and family prestige took her so far and in all honesty remains one of the only reasons she is in as comfortable a position as one of her station can be. However, she has never been satisfied with comfort – the young kindred is motivated by power through and through. Everything is simply an extension of one’s own power, or the acquisition of such things. If it isn’t then it simply isn’t worth the time. Though as of late she might find herself being motivated by more tender emotions. Having a child tends to do that to a mother, and though she believes herself to be blessed above others, she can find genuine empathy for mothers and children who love their parental figures. This, along with a hidden desire to stand for the disenfranchised and the underdogs, paints a very complex and real person who hasn’t let their condition as an immortal parasite change who they are….too much.

Her current day to day affairs often involve her duties as a mother. Her son, Alessandro Francesco Giovanni-Rosselini, is almost four years old, possesses a brilliant mind and is strong of body. It took many many tries before her and her husband were successful in having their own child, but despite the heartache and frustration of failure, she would do it again. He is the single most important thing in her life, aside from her family, which is not unusual for most parents. Alessandro is different than other children and is already stronger than his mother. She will have to convince her husband to teach her how to harness the strength of her unliving body in order to control his many outbursts. For now, he is still very much susceptible to the charms of his mother and loves both of his parents very much. The little prince, as he is often affectionately addressed by family and servants alike, is vivacious and handsome, possessing a wit and charm of his own that surpasses normal children his age. This can be very unnerving and several au pair’ have turned in their resignation because of it. Lilian is the one who makes most of the decisions regarding his upbringing. Alessandro has the finest private tutors and attends one of the finest academic institutions in Los Angeles.

One could assume that Lilian is content with her life – it being one of pseudo normalcy despite her unique appetite and upsetting skin condition. She is a college educated woman with a masters in finance and almost finished with her doctorate in political science. If there has been one thing she has clung to, it has been keeping a pretty normal sleeping schedule. Rising in the morning and sleeping late in the night. This makes her life so much easier and affords her a unique advantage in the world of Kindred. Whether she is attending a seminar, writing her thesis, meeting with city officials, streaming on her popular Youtube channel, going Live on Facebook, or simply carousing with the one percent of Los Angeles, she always has something to do. Her most recent aspirations involve acquiring advertising contracts from different corporate interest groups. The channel of the ex adult film actress has over one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers, which is a pretty large viewer base.

Aside from her usual activities, the aspiring politician has aims for a seat on the city council and plans to run in the next election. Her friends on the city council, endorsement from the mayor, wide exposure, and many routes of financing the campaign give her an advantage that she plans to use as a platform. The youthful “millenial” has personal magnetism and exudes confidence and charm. Lilian is well spoken and a capable navigator of intrigue. The young woman is a master of social niceties and understands what it is that people want most. This along with her conservative yet avant garde stances on political matters could give her an edge her opposition might not have. She has discussed this in an off hand fashion with her husband whom she affectionately addresses as Frankie, but never in enough detail to ascertain his support or opposition to her plans.

Lilian Vanessa Giovanni-Rosselini

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