Jördis Levi

A fledgling trying to find support to fight lupines


Jördis is known in the USA with the name Jody, as it is easier to pronounce for native English speakers. She has long red hair, dark eyes and a pale skin covered by freckles. She is 178cm tall, which make her stand out as a tall woman in an average American crowd. She refrains from using make-up and generally does not focus too much on her appearance, wearing loose shirts, comfortable pants and sneakers



Jördis Levi was born in Munich, Germany on September 10th 1984. Jördis was raised in Munich, nevertheless she spent prolonged periods of time in Tel-Aviv, connecting with her father’s heritage. Both the German and the Jewish culture are an important part of her life, even if she does not attend religious services. Having been exposed to multiple languages ever since her childhood, Jördis is at ease when learning new idioms and she speaks German, English and Hebrew.

At the age of 18, as an Israeli national, Jördis had to move to Israel for a year in order to attend military service. There she learned the basics of Krav Maga, involving both hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat, and how to fire different weapons. She excelled in tactical decisions and after her training she declined a permanent position in the Israeli army; her dream was to go back to Germany to study veterinary.

She arrived in Milwaukee after being hired by the local zoo. This was a move made by the Anubi’s to obtain “skilled workers” for their cause. The new fledgling has not yet been formally introduced to the Primogen Council. Still feeding mostly of animals at the zoo, the Anubis do not want to risk her killing a human vessel without their supervision. She has met many members on the Anubis but did not develop any significant connection with anyone but her sire.

Jördis Levi

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