Ian Hale

Biker Shaman/Gang Leader


Apparent age: 20s
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 175#
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Distinguishing marks: Ian’s body is his canvas: his chest, back, and arms are full of gorgeous tattoos.

Clothes: Dresses like a biker most nights but can clean-up if required. In a fight he wears black fatigues, combat boots, and an armored leather jacket. His MC cut has the following badges: Lilith’s Get patch, 1%, Road Warrior, MC, and Unholy One rocker.


Sire: Annabella De Luna, Toreador

Ian’s a tattoo artist known for giving prophetic tattoos. He rode with Josef Marder’s Anarch gang and held domain in South Boston before being ousted by an alliance between Black Betty and Bass Thompson.

Now he and his Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, Lilith’s Get Motorcycle Club, have made their way to Los Angeles, the heart of the Anarch Movement.

He has one childe, a beautiful mess named Valeria Bauer.

Ian Hale

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