Gary Breen

Stiff, loyalist, hound on his own choice. Not the best guy to party with.


With his face deformed by the curse Gary looks quite unsettling. Spikey ears, no hair whatsoever and weirdly widen mouth lays upon pale and dried skin that is covered with parrallel blackened scar pattern. He often wears semi tactical gear and is usually found wearing his kevlar vest as he does not conform to elysium dress code. He usually covers his baldness and ears with a hoodie.

Common kindred knowledge about Gary:
Gary Breen is well known Camarilla loyalist that speaks his ideologies without much of hesitation. Strangely, he works as a hound of his own choice and had earned a reputation and enemies for eradicating and disrupting local Anarchs. And to suprise and dissapointment of many, he does not carry personal matters for council or really anyone if it’s not work for the sake of sect. As martinet and stiff he’s not the most popular person in the town, but he have a reputation of honest man that will get the job done.


Gary Breen

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