Don Sebastian Juan Dominguez


The Camarilla Prince of Los Angeles from the late 19th century until the mid-20th century. An erratic Toreador, Don Sebastian’s reign is marked by mercurial changes in policy, capricious dictates, and nepotism. Los Angeles was a destination for kindred seeking a fresh start, and thinking their arrival was an indicator of his popularity, Don Sebastian allowed this perceived love to go to his head, thinking he could do no wrong. His policies served to alienate the local kindred, even causing local elders and ancillae to begin to doubt his ability to govern.

When Jeremy MacNeil’s acceptance and popularity amongst the kindred became apparent, the Prince became jealous, sending his thugs to savagely beat MacNeil in an effort to embarrass him. The local vampires were shocked, and began to see that none were safe from the whims of Don Sebastian. Chomping at the bit, MacNeil counselled patience, and along with his closest confidante, Salvador Garcia, set about planning a revolution.

Finally, in 1946, the night arrived and MacNeil let loose the dogs of war. In one of the most well planned and executed surgical campaigns, the Anarchs removed all obstacles from their path, including the considerable Don Sebastian.

Don Sebastian Juan Dominguez

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