Dexter Ambrose


Occupation: Bunker Hill Community College Sociology Department Chair
Apparent Age: 43
Departmental Grade Point Average: 2.7


Growing up well-to-do in early 20th century Richmond, Virginia, a child of third generation French extraction, mild-mannered Ambrose made friends easily.
One night, in the early days of The Great War, his father explained to young Dexter that riches can not absolve man of his duty.
Mr. Ambrose vowed to cross the Atlantic and help defend their ancient homeland from the Hunnic invasion.
Dexter nodded as his father told him he was now the man of the house, tasked with looking after his four sisters and mother.
He took to this task with zeal, managing their estate and educating himself via tutors. He eventually got involved in local politics in the years leading up to the Great Depression, rising to become a state senator.
Well-liked by his constituents, he championed issues pertinent to the working class, which further served to increase his cachet among the people.

After a term in office, he became much discouraged by the ponderous motion of government, and opted not to run for reelection, much to the chagrin of his constituents. Instead, Ambrose opted to begin a street campaign of outreach, putting his relative wealth and fame to good use, bankrolling soup kitchens and education projects.
These projects caused Dexter to travel, and eventually, he was embraced by a Brujah of potent blood, though the circumstances of his embrace are unknown.
For decades, Ambrose led a quiet unlife, eventually getting involved in academia and settling in at Boston’s own Bunker Hill Community College as a Professor and chair of the Sociology department.

Not one to get involved in the drudgery of Camarilla politics, but not quite an Anarch, Ambrose is generally content to watch on the sidelines as inter-sect skirmishes play out.
He is a modern Idealist Brujah, and as such, is a welcome counterpoint to Simon Tanner, the clan’s local elder: reserved, well-spoken, respectful of the young, disenfranchised, and dissenting.
The young Idealist Brujah and those who side with them increasingly look to Ambrose as a calm, clear voice among the heady chaos that is the Jyhad, much to Tanner’s ire.
If pressed, he would not claim that he is an Anarch, merely that the task of refining government is never concluded, however should the more traditional elements in local politics push the issue, Dexter Ambrose might become a galvanizing figure, and even a possible candidate for something more.

Dexter Ambrose

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