David Emerson

"God kills indiscriminately...and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like Him...as ourselves."


Average height, average build, average looks…by all accounts and appearances, there is nothing sensational or abnormal about this man at all. Modest in dress and demeanor, pleasant in tone and expression, he is the type of man you would see lending a hand at a fundraiser, or listening attentively in church, with the occasional nod and mild smile. Not many people can make a closed-lipped smile seem handsome, but he sure can. The air around him has a weight, an attraction; he just feels approachable. But the air moves as he moves, blowing cold, and the aura of peace is rent with tendrils of malice. His serene smile and pleasant face start to seem just a little…off. The night seems darker somehow. His moonlit shadow seems longer, maybe he is taller than you first thought… But then you notice his pale eyes. So pale and clear, like chips of ice, so serene. How could you have thought there was anything off about him? Those are beautiful eyes, full of innocence. You can tell! He says “Come,” with a widening smile, and you walk towards him smiling yourself now, wondering what he wants to tell you, lucky that such a man would notice you. As you reach him, he raises both arms, a gesture of welcoming, and the night seems to nudge you into his embrace. Up close, those eyes shine even more, and he smells sweet and fragrant, like a bouquet of lilies. He smiles adoringly, revealing strange canine teeth… As your heart begins to beat faster, he says “Silence,” and your breath seems to catch in your throat, as his mouth lowers to kiss your neck…


David Emerson

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