Crispus Attucks


Born a slave in the 18th century, Crispus Attucks has spent his entire existence fighting tyranny, and became an outspoken supporter of American freedom. Tragically shot by British soldiers while protesting the Stamp Act, the Brujah Marguerite Foccart resolved herself to act after being swept away by his amazing charisma and skill as an orator. Not wanting to see the band of rebels falter without him, she granted him eternal life.

Turning his new found abilities to his brethren, Attucks lead freed-men in battle during the Revolutionary War and became heavily involved in the Underground Railroad, shepherding the lives of other escaped slaves.

An enemy of oppression everywhere, Crispus fought to free kindred of both the Sabbat, and the tightening vice-grip of the Ivory Tower’s ancient Ventrue and Toreador rulers. When the battles of the Second Anarch Revolt raged, Crispus and Marguerite journeyed West to aid Jeremy MacNeil in overthrowing Don Sebastian, the Prince of Los Angeles.

He remains one of the most influential kindred in the Los Angeles area, and a hero of the Free State. He is close with Jeremy MacNeil, and is frequently called in to provide muscle for the Barony of Angels.

Crispus Attucks

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