Blake Hunter



Blake stands at 6.3 tall. He is gifted with exceptionally good looks. His hair is Amber and rich; his skin is tanned and absolute. Eyes are Cerulean with flecks of tender Green. His bone structure is classical and clean cut giving his features balance. His stature is robust and potent which he carries with a swagger of confidence. Blake is wearing a Cardinal Red tailored shirt, pressed and starched. His tight sleeves are volute to his elbows complimenting his forearms. An expensive silver ‘Rolex’ is glinting on his right wrist. He is also wearing tailored black suit trousers. A charcoal leather belt surrounds his hips a argent buckle echoes the glimmer of his timepiece. His attire is concluded with Raven loafers.

points of interest: Appearance (5)
Fame (4) Well known Underwear model former porn star.


Blake Hunter is a wholesome farm boy from Wisconsin. He was born to Leonard and Maria Hunter and raised on their farm just outside the Village of Pewaukee. He spent his childhood doing farm chores, riding the bus 10 miles to school, Blake lived a sheltered life seeking comfort in books and classic films of the golden era. Often he would set up his grandfather’s old cinema projector in the hayloft contemplating of a brighter future in a daydream.

Blake had several occasions where he and his pa had to work on the farm’s truck or tractor, and he picked up a few tricks what a man can do with a bit of duct tape and a bit of ingenuity. His pa was the smartest man alive, able to take a broken down old tractor, tear it apart and put it back together with nothing more than a screwdriver and a few cuss words. His ma could take a turnip, two potatoes, and a bit of bacon grease and turn it into a meal a king wouldn’t turn his nose at. That made the stern and strict household rules not seem so bad, besides, Blake knew of kids that couldn’t go a few days without having some “accident,” and he only got a whupping when he deserved it. All in all, he considered himself blessed.

He started going steady in 8th grade with Sarah Kensington, the daughter of the guy that owned the hardware store, Kensington Hardware. They shared just about every first a teenager could have together: first kiss, first grope, first school dance, first date, first love, and loss of innocence. He planned to ask her to marry him after he graduated from college, but Sarah apparently had different plans. She had decided to go to school in upstate New York and wanted to be free to enjoy all the things college could offer, and she kissed him goodbye.

Blake sat in his room for three days listening to sad country music and refused to eat, drink, or sleep the whole time. About the time his parents were ready to drag him kicking and screaming from his room, he came down hungry enough to eat a dead muskrat floating in a ditch and seemed alright afterwards. He was still sad, but he had gotten the madness out of his system.

Blake graduated from high school a year later securing a scholarship
to the University of Wisconsin in media studies and public relations.
Blake packed his bags and hopped in his pickup after kissing his ma goodbye and giving his pa a solid handshake and a hug. His first semester flushed down the toilet with parties, alcohol, and sex. His grades suffered, and he was in danger of losing his scholarship. Blake came to an agreement with his roommate Daryl that they could hang out together if Daryl helped him with his coursework, or outright did it himself if it was too hard. The relationship gave him enough time actually to sleep after his binges. (Still in progress)

Blake Hunter

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