Roll20 By Night

Crossover Program Episode 1

Events of Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Ian Hale met with Marceline Duval regarding a loan for fixing up his domain and aiding his fellow Anarch kindred. Marceline assented, promising to pass the funds along through their mutual friend Finley Darrow.

Lazaro of the Camarilla War Coterie arrived, sharing his information re: local Hunter groups as Ian mentioned concern that his childe, Valeria Bauer’s herd of under-the-bridge vagrants had recently “found god” after The Blind Preacher was seen skulking about.

Marceline and Lazaro offered to help the Anarchs’ own investigation into the growing Hunter threat posed by the Children of God. First things first, Ian introduced the two Malkavians to Josef “The Old Man” Marder. Marceline tried to broker a joint investigation into the Hunter threat between the Camarilla and Anarchs, but Marder was cautious to commit to such an arrangement. He offered Marceline information in-kind, but held firm that the two sects’ investigations should remain discrete. Before bidding the party farewell, Marder reminded Marceline that although he could not support a combined investigation, they were free to enlist the help of any individual Anarchs. The party bid Marder a good evening, but not before he whispered something in Lazaro’s ear.

Marceline and Lazaro were troubled to hear of a recent attack on Ian in his own domain, and offered to assist in good faith. Ian showed his two new associates the scene of the attack. The evidence: a thick metal heavy security door ripped off its hinges, peeled back like so much tin. Without much to go on, the party prepared to retire to Ian’s tattoo parlor to get to know each other. However, Marceline took an errant step across the gaping threshold now laid bare by the security door, and caught a lingering wave of blasphemous longing.

Led into the bowels of Ian’s safehouse, and within a high-security panic room Marceline and Lazaro discovered the remains of an ancient vampire, devoured. In the pile of ash, an overlooked relic: a scarab necklace. Lazaro pointed out that there were no signs of forced entry into the panic room… This mystery would take no small amount of investigation. Ian and Marceline used their powers of perception to gain an inkling into the perpetrator…

Upstairs, Ian displayed his powers of artistry and prophecy as he looked into Marceline’s soul and gave her a custom tattoo to reflect her inner spirit. In the nights to come, she will surely look upon the symbol and gain great insight.



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